Photojournalist’s GoPro Camera Saves Him from Sniper’s Bullet

Photojournalists GoPro Camera Saves Him from Snipers Bullet

As the battle against the Islamic State terror group has raged on in the Middle East, many journalists and photographers have flocked to the action, eager to get photos of the battles going on all over the place.

One photographer got a little too close to the action. Iraqi photojournalist Ammar Alwaely was in Mosul when a sniper shot him right in the chest the The U.K. Sun reported. Amazingly, he survived.

Thanks to Alwaely’s Go-Pro camera, which was hanging around his neck, he is still alive and breathing today. The bullet that was meant for obliterated his camera instead.

The Sun’s reporter Owen Holdaway was only inches away from Alwaely when he was shot, and captured footage of the entire incident. It truly is remarkable to watch.

“At first I did not know what happened. I fell to the floor and could not turn around to see if Ammar was ok,” Holdaway explained. “Crawling along to behind the vehicle, I eventually looked up and saw it had hit my old GoPro that I had given him just a few days earlier.”

The plastic from the camera cut Alwaely’s face. He was also treated at a hospital for dehydration, and is expected to make a full recovery.

You can watch the incredible footage here.

“After 20 minutes, and obviously feeling a little better, he turned to me and said ‘thanks, for the GoPro Owen … can you get me another from Erbil (the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan),” Holdaway recounted.

Alwaely is one of the luckiest men on the planet right now. It seems someone up above was looking out for him. Hopefully that special protection continues for Alwaely as he continues his work in Mosul.

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