Photo of Trump Cabinet Before Irma Hit Shows There’s Still Hope for America

Photo of Trump Cabinet Before Irma Hit Shows Theres Still Hope for America

President Trump and his team have already dealt with one devastating hurricane, and are now in the middle of overseeing the response to a second.

As Trump met with his cabinet and Vice President Mike Pence on Saturday to review the recovery plans for Hurricane Irma, a photographer caught a moment that should speak volumes about this administration and the country.

Before the important meeting started, the president and everyone in the room bowed their heads in prayer to ask for wisdom before making key decisions.

The snapshot was shared by Fox News on Facebook, and had received over 20,000 “likes” as of Monday.

After the moment of prayer was finished, Trump led the team through a review of the situation. “This is a storm of enormous destructive power, and I ask everyone in the storm’s path to heed ALL instructions from government officials,” the president posted on Twitter, along with a video of the cabinet meeting.

Simply bowing heads in prayer may not seem like a major moment, but it signifies something that has been sorely missing from the Oval Office over the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency: Humility.

While players in the Obama administration acted as if they were always the smartest people ever to roam the earth, Trump has done an impressive job of selecting advisers who are talented but also humble. From Mike Pence to Ben Carson, the Trump cabinet is one that isn’t afraid to seek God’s guidance in times of crisis.

The restoration of faith’s role in the presidency shows that there’s still hope for America’s future. Even for people who aren’t particularly religious, taking the time to ask for higher wisdom is a sign that the team takes its leadership roles seriously.

Instead of acting as if the almighty state is the be all and end all, the Trump cabinet acknowledges that there is a higher power.

Any government run by humans is fallible — but if this photo is any indication, the president’s team is doing everything possible to seek divine help in making wise decisions when it comes to doing what is best for America.

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