Photo: The Real Michelle Just Got Caught in Sick, Cop-Hating Photo

Photo The Real Michelle Just Got Caught in Sick Cop-Hating Photo

The internet and mainstream media were all aflutter Monday, not in celebration of Labor Day or anything else of national importance, but because it was the birthday of pop superstar Beyoncé, and some of the singer’s most famous friends dressed up like her as tribute.

According to CBS News, even former first lady Michelle Obama joined with the likes of tennis champ Serena Williams, former Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, and more than a dozen other friends of the singer to don her signature look from the “Formation” music video in portraits that were later posted online.

CNN positively gushed over the photo of Michelle Obama wearing two thick braids and a wide-brimmed black hat pulled low over her eyes, as if this were the greatest sight ever witnessed in the entirety of humanity.

The post proceeded to explain how the former first lady and pop singer have been friends for many years, with Beyoncé performing at both of former President Barack Obama’s inaugurations. The now 36-year-old singer also helped launch Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign in 2011.

In the tweet below, Michelle Obama is on the left. Beyonce is on the right.

But as Independent Journal Review pointed out, what the vast majority of mainstream posts on the Beyonce birthday tribute failed to mention was the controversy that came along with the release of the “Formation” song and video that Obama and the other women were emulating.

The fiery song and accompanying video released in early 2016 was a pointed, politically charged piece that featured plenty of anti-police and pro-Black Lives Matter movement imagery.

The singer then performed the cop-hating, controversial piece — accompanied by backup dancers dressed as cop-hating Black Panther Party militants — as part of the halftime performance during the 2016 Super Bowl, spurring numerous protests by police organizations nationwide.

The imagery of a former first lady approving that sent a message to police officers and their supporters loud and clear — that the cop hatred among liberals the final years of the Obama administration isn’t going away.

Obviously, none of that apparently matters to the media, who ignored the controversy and celebrated Michelle Obama’s ode to an anti-cop song.

Though some may see absolutely nothing wrong with Obama dressing as Beyoncé from “Formation,” others have received a message loud and clear from that portrait — one Obama may or may not have been intending to send.

At least she didn’t flip the bird to the camera while posing in the outfit as the singer defiantly did in the video, so there is that, for whatever it is worth.

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