PHOTO: Motorists See Note Mom Scribbled on Back of Car, Immediately Make Massive Move to Help

Motorists See Note Mom Scribbled on Back of Car Immediately Make Massive Move to Help

A mother’s love knows no bounds. This courageous mother literally took to the streets to help her sick daughter, Jenna Franks, when their three-year long search for a kidney donor yielded no viable match.

Her simple idea now has willing donors flocking to the family to get tested as a possible match.

Jenna was just 15 years old when she was diagnosed with kidney failure. At 18, she started dialysis and has been using it daily ever since. At the time this story was reported in 2015, she was 29.


The Pasadena, California family searched for years to find a kidney donor, to no avail. However, Jenna’s mother got an amazing idea.

She wrote this simple note on the back of the family’s SUV stating that her “Daughter needs kidney type O’,” and left an email address. She never expected the response she would get.


A local Pasadena resident snapped a picture of the car and posted it to Twitter along with a caption that read, “this needs to go viral!” Which is exactly what happened.


Tatum Bateman, who posted the photo on Twitter, told KNBC-TV: “I posted the picture and it got like 8,000 retweets!”

Within a few days, 25 people came forward willing to be tested in hopes of being a compatible donor. Until the test results are returned, there is no way of validating the eligibility of the volunteers.


Jenna’s family also turned to other avenues to find a donor, once they realized no one in the family was a match. The family did a Youtube Video, made T-shirts, posted flyers around town and even put ads on Craigslist.

However it is the note on the back of the van that is attracting the most attention.


Ms. Franks said that she is committed to finding a match, and will continue the search by trying even more ways to attract one.

“It’s hard not to give her the one thing I know she needs,” she said.


“As a mother you would give your right arm if it would save them … so this is what I can do.”

Unfortunately, from the looks of her Facebook page and Twitter, it looks like Jenna still doesn’t have a kidney. If you want to be tested or get in contact with the family, their Facebook page is here.

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