Peyton Shows off Prize Fish… Then Dierks Bentley Notices What’s in Background

Peyton Shows off Prize Fish Then Dierks Bentley Notices Whats in Background

Peyton Manning may be one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history, but he’s also a down-to-earth guy.

A recent photo taken by country music star Dierks Bentley showed Manning doing something many Americans love: Fishing on a beautiful day.

However, the musician quickly noticed something special about the snapshot — and now the photo is going viral, fast.

At first glance, it’s a classic fisherman’s photo, unremarkable except for the fact that the person holding the catch is a Superbowl winner.

Then Dierks Bentley pointed out something in the background.

“Should I inform Peyton Manning of the mama bear and her three cubs approaching from behind? Or let him enjoy his moment,” the music artist posted on his Instagram page.

Sure enough, a closer look at Manning’s photo reveals four wild bears approaching the star from behind.

A Colt or a Bronco might be able to run fast, but the Bears had home field advantage.

Joking aside, a mama bear and her cubs can be a serious concern. While the animals usually keep their distance from humans, the protective instincts of an adult bear can be dangerous or even deadly under the right circumstances.

Despite the fact that the quarterback was holding a bear’s favorite dinner treat, Manning and Bentley seemed to have survived the encounter without incident.

It apparently isn’t the first time that the two stars from different professions teamed up to go fishing. An earlier post on Bentley’s Facebook page shows the duo with a large salmon caught last year.

The fun photos are a refreshing reminder that stardom and success don’t spoil everyone. It’s great to see a “good ol’ boy” like Peyton Manning staying humble and getting his hands dirty. He’d likely be out fishing on a nice day whether or not his name was famous.

It’s no accident that “conservative” and “conservation” are based on the same word. Whether in politics or the outdoors, it’s wise to act as responsible and involved stewards of the resources we have… and Manning’s love of the outdoors shows he’s no stranger to that concept.

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