PETA Proves They’re Run By A Bunch Of Morons

PETA Proves Theyre Run By A Bunch Of Morons

This is far from the only example of the nonsense that has made PETA a laughingstock, as Robert Gehl reminds us: PETA is known for their incendiary and, frankly, stupid claims. But this one takes the cake.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have compared pigs and cows to female survivors of rape, compared women to chickens, and compared Thanksgiving to genocide.

There’s very little they won’t say in their bizarre effort to not only stop people from consuming animals, but from even keeping animals as pets and human companions.

They want you to think of awful things whenever you eat a cheeseburger or drink a glass of milk.

Speaking of milk, it’s the delicious dairy product that PETA is targeting with their latest bizarre campaign.

They’re claiming that milk is a “symbol of white supremacy.”

They might have got this from the Southern Poverty Law Center, who made the same idiotic claim back in February.

“Milk: The creamy symbol of #WhiteSupremacy in Donald #Trump’s #America,” they wrote.

They cited a really dumb article that claims “Milk, the longtime staple for growing children, is now the new, creamy symbol of white racial purity in President Donald Trump’s America.”


So, apparently, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wanted to become the same laughingstock that the SPLC became, because their latest video makes the same assertion: Neo-Nazis love milk.

Here’s the video they posted on Twitter. (Warning, it contains some pretty graphic scenes of animals being mistreated by factory farm workers)

Milk, they claim, is a “thinly veiled allegory for racial purity.”

Without any real evidence, they make the statement then show grainy footage of cows being artificially inseminated and calves being dragged along the ground.

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