Pennsylvania Man Bags 600-Pound Monster, PETA Won’t be Happy

Pennsylvania Man Bags 600-Pound Monster PETA Wont be Happy

Pennsylvania’s short hunting season for bears just concluded, and one man who has been trying for years to catch one just bagged himself a monstrosity that’ll likely have the anti-hunting crowd outraged.

KDKA reported that 25-year-old Bo Bowser shot and killed a bear that weighed 600-pounds and stood nearly 7-feet tall.

The monster bear was Bowser’s first ever, after 13 years of patiently attempting to get one, and he took the dangerous creature while out hunting all by himself during Thanksgiving week.

“I would have taken a small one for my first one, but I can’t complain about a 600-pounder,” said Bowser, who hails from Rayburn Township in Armstrong County, near the Pittsburgh area.

Bowser spotted the bear near a creek and was able to sneak up on it as the noisy running water covered his movement. Once the bear noticed him, Bowser opened fire, and needed four shots from his rifle to bring down the massive beast.

“If we had shot him anywhere deep in the woods, we wouldn’t have been able to get him out,” said Bowser, who required the assistance of his father and several friends to float the bear across the creek and then drag it to an ATV to be transported out of the forest.

“Five guys, 45 minutes to drag it 15 yards,” Bowser said of the herculean effort at moving the bear.

After Bowser distributed the meat among his friends and family, the remains of the bear were sent to a taxidermist, though Bowser is unsure if he wants to shell out $3,000 to have it stuffed and mounted.

“You can’t just put it in the corner of your living room,” Bowser joked. “It would take up some serious space.”

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that, while Bowser’s bear was pretty big, it actually wasn’t the largest bear to be bagged during the four-day hunting season, which weighed in at 700-pounds, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

The Commission reported that 1,796 bears were bagged and tagged across the state during the short season, down from last year’s haul of 2,579, most likely due to heavy rains that reduced hunter turnout significantly.

Of all the bears killed this season, the top 10 biggest all weighed in at 576-pounds or more.

Of course, the people at PETA won’t be cheering for Bowser’s incredible catch, as they view hunting as a “cruel and unnecessary” tradition of times past, and assert that the “violent form of recreation” is no longer as crucial to human survival as it may have been “100,000 years ago.”

They lament that hunting can cause “pain and suffering” to the animals being hunted, focusing on the animals that are wounded and must be tracked down or the ones that get away and are never recovered.

They also suggest that “nature takes care of its own,” ignoring the fact that, left unchecked, certain animal populations can grow exceedingly large and place undue pressure on their environment, resulting in disease and starvation not just among themselves, but the other animals that share their particular ecosystem.

Needless to say, we here at Conservative Tribune don’t share PETA’s views on hunting, as we understand that it remains a necessary part of maintaining a balanced ecosystem, helps put food on the table for countless American families, and is a fun and bonding experience for many people.

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