Pence Aides Tell American People That Pence Supports Trump

Pence Aides Tell American People That Pence Supports Trump

As the Trump-Russia “scandal” has continued to billow about the Trump administration, one person who has been steadfastly standing by President Donald Trump has been his vice president, Mike Pence.

After the revelations about Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with a Russian attorney blew up earlier this week, Pence released a statement that raised a few eyebrows because of how it was worded, but Pence’s press secretary insists that all the mutterings about it are pointless, The Daily Caller reported.

“The Vice President was not aware of the meeting. He is not focused on stories about the campaign, particularly stories before he joined the ticket,” read part of the statement released by  Pence’s press secretary, Marc Lotter.

While some liberal sites have claimed that this statement was proof that the vice president was “distancing” himself from the Trump administration, Lotter called those accusations comical.

“I think it’s laughable, armchair punditry,” Lotter said as he unloaded on those rumors. “[Pence] spent yesterday on the Hill meeting with Republican senators on health care. He had some of (them) over to dinner last night at the VP’s residence to continue the discussion.”

Politico reported that a “source” close to Pence went even further, declaring that Pence found the accusations that he was putting daylight between himself and Trump “offensive.”

While Pence certainly isn’t distancing himself from the administration, he is having to play a very tricky balancing act.

On one hand, Pence needs to defend the White House, but on the other he doesn’t want to get caught up in this Russia mess — he wants to continue working with Congress on health care, tax reform and all the other policy priorities of the Trump administration.

CNN reported that Pence spent Wednesday in Kentucky, trying to rally support for the Republican health care bill, as well as place pressure on senators to “do the right thing” and pass the bill.

Clearly, Pence is ignoring the hype the liberal media is placing on these never-ending Russia stories and is instead choosing to focus on doing his job — and following through on the promises that were made to the American people.

Pence has always made it clear that he fully supports Trump. He isn’t simply going to abandon Trump because of a few bad headlines from the liberal media.

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