Pelosi Tries Playing Shame Chess With GOP

Pelosi Tries Playing Shame Chess With GOP

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been one of President Donald Trump’s strongest opponents in Congress, and she recently made moves to try to outmaneuver the Republican president using her colleagues.

On Friday, Pelosi announced plans to force House Republicans to take on-the-record positions regarding Trump’s potential ties to Russia, according to The Washington Times.

“Republicans in Congress should stop hiding, and stop hiding the truth from the American people,” the San Francisco Democrat said.

In carrying out her demands, the minority leader planned to use a “resolution of inquiry” — an old, rarely used tactic where the motion is first introduced in the House, and enable members to request official information from the White House, according to Politico.

The resolutions are referred to committees, and if the committees do not act upon the resolutions within 14 legislative days, they can be brought before the entire House for a vote.

“House Democrats are not going to let Republicans off the hook on this,” Pelosi said. “We will force Republicans to take votes on the record to continue hiding the facts from the American people.”

Six House committees — Transportation and Infrastructure, Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, Judiciary, Financial Services, and Ways and Means — were slated to deal with the resolutions. The Foreign Affairs resolution will deal with Russia sanctions, while the Financial Services one will look at the president and his family’s finances.

Obviously, the measure is unlikely to produce anything other than another opportunity for Democrats to blast their GOP colleagues for standing by the Trump administration — something Pelosi called “willful, shameful, enabling” of constitutional violations, according to USA Today.

But what the antics will also prove is that Pelosi and her band of liberal cohorts will do anything — including wasting taxpayer money and congressional time — to try and undermine the Trump presidency.

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