Pelosi Suffers Brain Freeze as She Tries to Defend Kaepernick

Pelosi Suffers Brain Freeze as She Tries to Defend Kaepernick

As the debate over the national anthem protests has heated up, liberals have predictably come out on the side of those disrespecting this nation — even if they don’t actually care about the protesters themselves.

During an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tried to defend former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, but it didn’t quite go as planned, The Daily Caller reported.

NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Pelosi what she would like to see President Donald Trump do in response to the protests.

“I’d like him to do what he said he would do when he ran and was inaugurated to bring people together. He should see this as an opportunity,” Pelosi stated.

Then things got weird.

“Somebody, Colin Komper, Komper, Kompernick (sic) doing what he did, he said, ‘this flag enables me to do this, this anthem enables me to do this, this is about freedom of expression,’” Pelosi stammered.

“Kompernick?” That’s definitely one for the record books. You would think somebody would have coached Pelosi in the pronunciation of Kaepernick’s name before her appearance on the show.

After all, he has been in the news for more than a year. A mispronunciation might have been fine last year when all of this started, but after all this time, there is no reason that Pelosi shouldn’t have the pronunciation figured out.

I’d be willing to bet that if a Republican had butchered the pronunciation of Kaepernick like Pelosi did, some liberals would be out there screaming “racism.”

This is just Pelosi’s latest in a long line of public gaffes — and one that isn’t going to be forgotten quickly.

Pelosi, and her fellow Democrats, clearly have no idea what they are talking about. They are just a bunch of opportunists looking to capitalize off of the latest fad.

The Democrats don’t actually care about these protests. They see an opportunity to get a few appearances in on some talk shows and turn sports into another political swamp where they can attempt to divide American further.

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