Parents Furious After Seeing What Was Written on Little Girl’s Homework

Parents Furious After Seeing What Was Written on Little Girls Homework

There are hundreds of examples of teachers in public schools using their influence to indoctrinate the next generation of Americans into believing their radical leftist ideas, instead of giving them an actual education.

In yet another example of a teacher choosing to expose students to “culture” instead of academic knowledge, a music teacher at Methune Middle School in DeKalb County, Georgia, gave students a very questionable homework assignment, WSB-TV reported.

The assignment was to take the lyrics of a rap song and turn them into something positive. The only problem was that the original lyrics to the rap song were loaded with profanity and racial slurs.

The assignment featured lines like “Sniper Gang I put a n***er on a carton,” and “She call me daddy, but I ain’t her motherf*****g father.”

Sounds like a great assignment for a bunch of middle school students.

Parents were outraged over this assignment, stating that it went against all the values they try to instill in their children.

“It was really against everything I try to teach them, you know?” parent Crishana Wright explained. “I’m reading all these words and i immediately asked her why she had this and she said it was an assignment.”

Thankfully, the school listened to the parental outage and immediately removed the teacher from the classroom, promising to hold her accountable for her actions.

“The assignment was inappropriate, unacceptable and contrary to our standards. The employee responsible has been removed from the classroom and will be held accountable for such poor judgment. While we encourage teacher creativity, the expectation is that the instruction is always standards-based and age appropriate,” read a statement from the school district.

In a separate article, WSB-TV reported that the teacher, identified as Bonnecia Williams, issued an apology letter to the families of the children.

“At no time should students be subjected to this type of language at impressionable ages. Regardless of my best intentions, I failed miserably. I should have used better judgment,” read the letter.

“I know this letter alone will not erase the pain that I have caused. I will make sure this does not happen again. I accept full responsibility for my actions,” her apology stated.

While it’s a good sign to see the school holding the teacher accountable, this teacher’s actions are just a symptom of hiring people to teach children who are more interested in promoting depraved morals than they are in teaching facts and figures.

Children don’t need exposure to this garbage. They need to learn skills to help them become upstanding citizens and succeed in the real world.

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