Parents Enraged After School Forces Kids To Learn About Abortion, Homosexuality

Parents Enraged After School Forces Kids To Learn About Abortion Homosexuality

Let me begin this by stating that I come from an interesting family.

The only reason my father, a retired software engineer, doesn’t wear a MAGA hat is likely because baseball caps annoy him. Leaving aside 45, any Republican nominee and/or president before or after Ronald Reagan is insufficiently conservative as far as he’s concerned, unless you’re willing to go back to Calvin Coolidge.

My mother, meanwhile, is an avowed socialist. She’s voted for three major party candidates since 1968: George McGovern, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

I mention this only because sex education in schools was a voluntary thing in my day. You had to have a parent’s signature — and, in my case, the one in charge of giving permission was my mom, who had no problem with it. Back then, sex ed was pretty uncomplicated, if terminally stupid.

Thankfully, if your parent signed you out of it, you didn’t have to deal with the nonsense — especially if certain topics didn’t jibe with your religious beliefs.

And then you have California, a state that really thinks your religious and/or cultural beliefs aren’t worth as much as the grey matter they’re imprinted upon.

“California is about to implement new abortion- and homosexuality-promoting sex education lessons, and one school district has told parents they have no choice but to expose their children to them,” LifeSite News reports.

“California enacted the California Healthy Youth Act in 2015, but only now are its controversial provisions starting to take effect in classrooms. Under the auspices of health, the law says it will equip students to develop ‘healthy attitudes’ on ‘gender (and) sexual orientation,’ among other things. It also says it will inform students about the ‘effectiveness and safety of all FDA-approved contraceptive methods,’ and facilitate ‘objective discussion’ about “parenting, adoption, and abortion.”

“It defines ‘anal intercourse,’ ‘phone sex,’ and more as ‘common sexual behaviors,’” LifeSite continues.

The curriculum also includes a pro-transgender book called “I Am Jazz” and a “sexual health toolkit,” according to LifeSite. And you know what the best part is? Parents can’t opt their children out of it!

And never let it be said that Californians are wasteful when it comes to produce. They’ve found great ways to re-purpose it in the course your kids will be forced to take if you’re a Californian.

“What if you don’t have time or money to buy sex toys?” one passage reads. “Cucumbers, carrots, and bananas (with the peel) make great dildos. Just remember to use a condom!”

Oh, and this all doesn’t align with your religious beliefs? Well, tough squash.

“In a memo dated March 29 to the Orange County Board of Education, Orange County Department of Education general counsel Ronald Wenkart says that the law’s opt-out provision ‘does not apply to instruction, materials, or programming that discusses gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation, relationships, or family and does not discuss human reproductive organs,’” LifeSite News reported.

In other words, if you find “gender identity” or “sexual orientation” problematic for your child, well … tough.

Welcome to California. Somehow, it manages to be weirder than my family.

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