Panic at CNN Over What Happened to On-Air Talent’s Home… And It’s Just Beginning

Panic at CNN Over What Happened to On-Air Talents Home And Its Just Beginning

When CNN essentially blackmailed and threatened to “dox,” or publicly expose, the individual believed to be responsible for creating a silly GIF aimed at the network that was subsequently tweeted by President Donald Trump, they opened themselves up to a world of hurt they simply weren’t prepared for and are now whining about.

Aside from a “Great Meme War” that has produced some absolutely hilarious clips mocking CNN for being “fake news,” some anchors and reporters at the network have allegedly also found themselves targeted by the less pleasant variety of online trolls who are actually doing to them what they threatened to do to the original Redditor who made the Trump wrestling CNN GIF.

According to The Daily Caller, some anchors and reporters have had their own personal information — such as home addresses and telephone numbers — posted publicly online while also receiving various threats of violence, and it has left them feeling “frustrated.”

“Frustrated by our critics’ double standards,” an anonymous CNN insider told The Daily Caller. “Frustrated that CNN staffers’ private information is being published in ‘retaliation’ — when the network made the decision to not out the Reddit user. Frustrated by the speed in which misinformation, lies and hate spreads. Frustrated that POTUS’s son has no accountability.”

Yes, the CNN insider is aghast that his network is facing a sort of accountability from the public for threatening a private citizen and for repeatedly and consistently perpetuating fake news and false narratives — but is angrier that a couple of Donald Trump Jr.’s tweets were factually incorrect.

Indeed, Newsmax reported that the CNN article detailing how the Reddit user was tracked down didn’t actually reveal the person’s identity, but the closing line of the post left no doubt that the network had threatened to do so if they deemed it necessary in the future, should the individual continue to post things the network disapproved of.

Milo reported that some CNN personalities, such as “New Day” host Chris Cuomo, have sought to excuse their threatening behavior toward the Reddit user by pointing out all of the allegedly “racist,” “anti-Semitic” and “homophobic” material the person had posted previously, but they never would have known the person’s prior posting habits or content if they hadn’t vindictively hunted him down and threatened to expose him in the first place.

Obviously, it should go without saying that “doxing” people is not cool, as even public figures like major news network anchors and reporters still deserve to have some privacy in their lives.

That said, it is a bit difficult to work up too much sympathy for them in this particular case, as the network for all intents and purposes stuck their chin out and dared the internet to hit it by tracking down and threatening to dox the Reddit user who made the wrestling GIF.

CNN, through their own actions, have brought this upon themselves. Perhaps a public apology and major adjustment to the tone and veracity of their coverage going forward would serve to quell this uproar, but even that may be too little, too late for the network.

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