Package Thief Caught on Security Camera Making Massive Blunder That Has Her Begging for Help

Package Thief Caught on Security Camera Making Massive Blunder That Has Her Begging for Help

If you’re a package thief and you’ve gone viral, odds are it generally doesn’t have to do with your skill as a cat burglar. After all, suburban parcel larceny generally doesn’t put you up there with the Pink Panther when it comes to epic pilferage skills.

However, of the unskilled package thieves that have come across our desk in the past few years, one woman trying to take a package in Snohomish County, Washington, has taken a special place in the pantheon.

Her failure was so painful — and shared so publicly — that you almost feel bad for her. Almost.

According to KCPQ-TV, Lizeth Ababneh’s home security systems managed to catch footage of the thief last week. As the woman took three packages, she slipped on the wet grass:

The woman was clearly injured, and appeared to be begging for help just getting up before the getaway car’s driver carried her away.

However, the driver didn’t neglect to come back for the packages.

That’s what keeps the story from being entirely funny. One of the packages contained medicine Ababneh’s husband needed. And, according to KING-TV, while it’s paid for by insurance, insurance doesn’t cover replacements.

Replacement for the medicine the duo stole will cost over $5,000 — something that has the homeowner feeling no sympathy for the thief.

The incident took place on Friday, according to Ababneh.

Snohomish County authorities say they have the name of the woman who they think committed the theft.

However, since she isn’t in custody, her name has yet to be released.

One hopes that they’re both caught posthaste and that the medication is returned to its rightful owners.

If not, there is at least viral infamy. No, it’s not worth $5,000. No, it won’t bring back the medication. But it will at least bring attention to this horrible individual and how the universe got some justice upon her.

We can always hope that justice includes some time in jail, too.

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