Organizer of protest that left 5 cops dead arrested for felony theft; he’s ‘outraged’ at ‘bogus-a** charge’

Organizer of protest that left 5 cops dead arrested for felony theft hes outraged at bogus-a charge

Officers of the Dallas Police Department arrested Dominque Alexander on Thursday, the black activist that organized the 2016 anti-police protest in Dallas that left 12 officers shot and five dead.

Alexander faces charges of felony theft, stemming from a previous employer who claims the activist received payments between $2,500 and $30,000 from clients without transferring them to the company. Alexander was thrust into the national spotlight in July 2016 after chaos erupted in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter anti-police protest when an angry protestor opened fire on police, killing five and wounding seven. Alexander’s Next Generation Action Network sponsored and helped organize the protest.

“I’m so beyond outraged. This is a bogus-ass charge. It’s ridiculous,” Alexander told the Observer. “This is a civil issue. If I owe this guy money, this is a civil issue.”

Alexander pleaded guilty in 2009 to causing serious bodily injury to a 2-year-old and was subsequently sentenced to probation, His repeated probation violations led to a final sentence of two years in prison in August 2016, but a judge counted his years of probation against his two-year sentence, and he spent less than a month in jail.

The day before his arrest, Alexander was participating in the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue near Dallas. He now faces up to two years in prison if he is convicted of the theft charges.

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