Oregon Becomes First State to Offer More Than 2 Gender Choices for Licenses

Oregon Becomes First State to Offer More Than 2 Gender Choices for Licenses

While California has long been considered the dumbest state in the Union, another state appears to be vying to supersede it.

The loopy state of Oregon, to be specific, where starting next month, residents will be permitted “to identify as ‘nonbinary,’ neither male nor female, on their driver licenses and identification cards,” as per an ordinance passed Thursday by the Oregon Transportation Commission, according to The Oregonian.

“I hope those who will use X as an identifier will feel an element of comfort moving forward,” commissioner Sean O’Hollaren said in a statement following the board’s decision. “It’s something we’re not only doing because legally our hand is forced. It’s something we should do because it’s the right thing to do.”

Really? The “right thing to do” is to add a third, entirely non-existent gender option to your state’s IDs and driver’s licenses? Why not just go ahead and add a caption to the bottom of each ID that reads, “Science, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!”

That being said, this ordinance appears to be what the state’s residents desired. Prior to the ruling, the Oregon Department of Transportation reportedly accepted comments from the public, and according to Tom McClellan, the administrator for the department’s Driver and Motor Vehicles division, most were positive.

“Of the 83 comments, both written and oral, only 12 were opposed to the ruling,” he said during the hearing Thursday. “Most of the 12 opposing comments were things like, ‘This is ridiculous,’ ‘insanity,’ and ‘political correctness gone haywire.’”

This means that roughly 85 percent of the comments expressed support for adding this fictional gender option to the state’s IDs and driver’s licenses. Of course, one wonders just how many of the state’s residents had even been aware of this proposal in the first place.

Among the supporters was J. Jibbons, a 26-year-old college counselor who identifies as “non-binary.”

“There are daily interactions such as checking out at a grocery store, checking in at a doctor’s appointment — and an incorrect gender marker means the potential to be misgendered and have painful and very uncomfortable experiences at all of those stages,” he told Oregon Public Broadcasting, as reported by NPR.

I genuinely feel for Jibbons, whose actual gender is admittedly quite difficult to ascertain from the photo below, but the key to overcoming that discomfort doesn’t lie in denying reality.

Rather, it requires accepting the biological truth, which is — no matter how politically incorrect it might be — that there’s no such thing as “non-binary.” You’re either a guy or a gal, case closed.

And if you can’t accept that truth, then your best bet is to seek counseling — not manipulate the law to cater to your delusions.

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