Oops: Sharpton’s Daughter Arrested, Al Takes 1 Look and Knows He Can’t Cry “Racism”

Sharptons Daughter Arrested Al Takes 1 Look and Knows He Cant Cry Racism

Al Sharpton, I’m going to assume, loves his family. He also loves telling America whenever some controversy arises between the criminal justice system and an African-American individual (or a group of African-American individuals) that its genesis must spring from America’s intrinsic racism.

So, when Sharpton’s daughter was arrested by police in New York City for attacking a cabbie, it would seem like a perfect opportunity for Rev. Al’s patented shenanigans. However, you’ll notice that the good reverend has been staying awfully quiet over this one.

Why? Well, he took one look at the cabbie and noticed he was black, too.

According to the New York Post, cabbie Georges Coly “is so shaken up from the ordeal he broke down in tears outside his Bronx home Saturday.”

The incident happened after Ashley Sharpton’s 30th birthday party. As Coly picked the party up about 1 a.m. Saturday outside of a club in Hell’s Kitchen, he noticed that five people were trying to get into his cab — one more than the handicap-accessible minivan could hold

“I said ‘No, only four people,’ and they argued with me about it,” Coly said. “They were giving me a hard time.”

That hard time continued as the ride went on, so Coly asked them to get out.

“So I just asked them to take another cab and they refused to leave,” Coly said. They didn’t, and Sharpton took the keys from the ignition and started “shaking (them) in my face saying, ‘I have the keys, I’m not leaving.’”

Sharpton then got out and began walking away.

“I followed her for over a block begging for my keys back and I had to step in front of her and ask,” Coly said. Instead of acquiescing, “she swung at my face and ended up punching me in the chest.”

Police were called, and Sharpton fille thus ended the night in handcuffs. For his part, Sharpton père at first blamed the NYPD, because of course he did.

“All I know is that you got four people in a cab, and there’s some altercation, and they find out two hours later one of them is Al Sharpton’s daughter, she’s the one that’s going to the precinct,” Sharpton said at a rally just hours later, according to the New York Daily News.

However, it didn’t take long for his tone to soften a bit.

“She told me it didn’t happen the way they said it happened, but I can’t speak for a 30-year-old woman,” Sharpton said.

There’s a pretty long list of people, both 30 and over, that Sharpton has deigned to speak for, and most of them weren’t related to him — so, shenanigans have been duly called on that one.

The logical explanation is that Sharpton either a) looked at the facts and realized that his daughter probably did something she shouldn’t have or b) looked at the cabbie’s skin color and realized that believing his relatively privileged daughter at the expense of a cabbie may not go over all that well with his base.

Whatever the reason, it’s a lost opportunity for Sharpton and Co.

More’s the pity.

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