Old Maxine Waters Clip Shows Her True Feelings on Impeachment

Old Maxine Waters Clip Shows Her True Feelings on Impeachment

For the past several months, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., has been crying for President Donald Trump’s impeachment — that is when she’s not insisting she has never called for his impeachment despite a plethora of video evidence.

While Waters may be in favor of impeachment now, two decades ago she was singing a different tune. A 1998 video of Waters in Congress shows her referring to the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton as a “coup d’etat,” and railing against the “partisan” impeachment proceedings, PJ Media reported.

My, how times have changed. Now, the tables have flipped and Waters is making bombastic speeches calling for Trump’s impeachment. Except, unlike in Clinton’s case, no evidence has actually been presented to show Trump has done anything wrong.

“Today, we are here in the people’s House debating the partisan impeachment of the president of the United States of America, while the commander-in-chief is managing a crisis and asking world leaders for support. This is, indeed, a Republican coup d’etat,” Waters said on the House floor in 1998.

Just replace “Republican” with “liberal,” and there you have exactly what Democrats like Waters are trying to do to Trump today.

“I am greatly disappointed in the raw, unmasked, unbridled hatred and meanness that drives this impeachment coup d’etat, this unapologetic disregard for the voice of the people,” she stated.

Once again, her statements from two decades ago succinctly describe Democrat tactics in 2017.

Waters also pulled a page out of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s handbook when she claimed the impeachment proceedings were a plot by “right-wing Christian Coalition extremists.”

Truly delusional. You can watch Waters’ full rant here.

With this tape now uncovered, Waters is no longer fooling anyone. Her extreme partisan agenda and lack of principles has been exposed for the world to see. She rose to fame calling for Trump’s impeachment, and it seems she’s trying to ride that wave of popularity as long as she can.

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Source: conservativetribune.com



  1. She’s a transparent hypocrite who will say anything for attention. Why has she never excelled beyond a California Representative, in how many years?