Officers Stunned When They See What Was Thrown Over Border Fence

Officers Stunned When They See What Was Thrown Over Border Fence

Arizona police officers were called to a border fence to investigate bundles being launched over the “wall” that separates Mexico and the United States. They were stunned when they opened the bundle to discover 140 pounds of marijuana.

On Monday, the Douglas Police Department in Douglas, Arizona, received two calls around 2 p.m. over concerns about a mysterious bundle that was thrown over a border fence.

When police arrived, they discovered one very large bundle that had been broken into several pieces upon impact. When they inspected the tightly wrapped package, they realized that the bundles contained pounds upon pounds of illegal marijuana.

According to the Douglas Dispatch, police officers worked alongside Douglas Border Patrol agents to search the area but did not find any more marijuana bundles.

Officials were unclear on what was used to launch the heavy packages into the United States, but it could have been some sort of catapult, Tuscon reported.

The bundles were sent to the Douglas Port of Entry for further weighing and processing, officials reported. The total weight for the seized marijuana came in at more than 140 pounds.

According to news outlets, Operation Stonegarden, which is managed by the U.S. Border Patrol, “funds state, local and tribal agencies for overtime worked in support of border security to target transnational criminal agencies.”

In addition, Operation Stonegarden does “receive specialized technology and equipment to help them combat transnational criminal organizations during these operations.”

Not only are these illegals sending their worst people into the United States, but they are also sending illegal drugs. Imagine if someone other than authorities found this package. Imagine who the package was intended for — that person is living and “working” in the country, possibly on behalf of a criminal organization.

This is exactly why our border security needs a major overhaul. We need to tighten up our borders on all sides to reduce illegal activity as well as make sure that illegal aliens do not get into the country.

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