Officer Gives Tube of Personal Lubricant, Message to Would-Be Cop Killer Headed...

Officer Gives Tube of Personal Lubricant, Message to Would-Be Cop Killer Headed to Prison

Officer Gives Tube of Personal Lubricant Message to Would-Be Cop Killer Headed to Prison

During Florida resident Kevin Rojas’ sentencing hearing Wednesday for shooting a Jacksonville undercover detective during a traffic stop last year, the detective and Army veteran whose life was forever changed because of the smug punk’s actions shared a gift with him.

“You are going to need a lot of this,” the detective said as he pulled out a tube of K-Y Jelly, a personal lubricant, according to The Florida Times-Union.

His insinuation was that Rojas, 19, will likely be raped when he soon arrives in prison to serve the life sentence handed down to him Wednesday. And while we don’t condone prison rape, the truth remains that Rojas’ young age and wiry build could very well make him a target.

The New York Times reported in 2012 that “(y)outh held in adult prisons are the hardest hit and easiest prey for sexual abuse.” While The Times was specifically referring to boys under the age of 18, Rojas is just barely into adulthood and, frankly, still looks like he’s 12.

The detective’s clear-cut fury toward Rojas stemmed from what happened in March of last year, when, while driving his 14-year-old son to school in an unmarked cruiser, the detective chose to initiate a traffic stop on Rojas for driving erratically. The punk had reportedly just been in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.

“Immediately upon stopping the white Cadillac, police said, (Rojas) began shooting at the detective who was wearing a ballistic vest with ‘police’ on it,” reported local station WTLV. “The detective was shot at least three times, including in the head, upper body and hand.”

Thankfully, the detective’s son was not hit.

According to the Miami Herald, Rojas was not hit in the exchange of fire with the detective but fled the scene. He was later captured by other officers after he barricaded himself in a house. He was shot three times before being taken into custody.

The detective he shot summed up the case perfectly.

“I will take those bullets instead of a fellow officer and an innocent bystander,” he said in court, according to the Times-Union. “When I brought the fight back to you, you ran like a coward.”

The detective further claimed his life was forever changed because of Rojas’ actions.

Local news coverage of Rojas’ sentencing hearing may be viewed below. Fast-forward to around the 30 second mark if you’d like to hear the detective speaking:

“I’m pretty sure Mr. Rojas doesn’t understand what the rest of his life means,” the judge presiding over Rojas’ sentencing reportedly added.

The Miami Herald noted that the life sentence Rojas received Wednesday means he must serve at least 25 yearsbefore he can even be considered for parole.

But considering the punk’s smug attitude, there’s a chance he may very well wind up serving a lot longer than that.

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