Obama’s Insufferable Memorial Day Tweet Has Everyone Talking Right Now

Obamas Insufferable Memorial Day Tweet Has Everyone Talking Right Now

It would be wonderful if we could all set aside politics on Memorial Day and put all of our focus where it belongs: on the uniformed men and women who’ve given their lives for liberty throughout our history. Alas, that’s not the world we live in.

Take a look at former President Barack Obama’s tweet commemorating Memorial Day 2017. The sentiments are fitting, humble, and unobjectionable. The picture, though?

Of course, it wasn’t enough for #44 to honor the fallen; he had to make sure he and Michelle are seen honoring the fallen. Oh, and one other thing: judging by this picture of the former president and former First Lady (wearing the same dress in both images), they didn’t actually visit Arlington National Cemetery today, as the tweet implies. The pictures are from the Obamas’ visit on the 2012 anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Now, we understand this may well seem like petty nitpicking. Releasing pictures of oneself doing good isn’t the worst thing in the world, and surely presidents of both parties have observed Memorial Days, Veterans’ Days, and other military anniversaries without visiting Arlington or other national memorials, right?

Perhaps, but then again, other presidents don’t have Barack Obama’s history of narcissism. He used his 2015 Memorial Day address to congratulate himself for ending the ground war in Afghanistan (even though he really hadn’t):

He politicized the following year’s Memorial Day weekend with a speech in Hiroshima, Japan apologizing for using atomic bombs in World War II instead of honoring that war’s military dead.

Memorial Day should not be about how wonderful Barack Obama was. For that matter, it shouldn’t be about how awful he was, either. But this lack of humility speaks to a deeper problem with the man’s values and priorities, and goes a long way toward explaining why the electorate voted to dismantle his legacy in November 2016…and why we’ll return to celebrating that decision tomorrow.

For now, though, let’s turn our thoughts back to where they belong: on America’s fallen heroes.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org