Obama Trying to Unify Broken Democratic Party

Obama Trying to Unify Broken Democratic Party

As presidents go, Barack Obama is kind of like Bill Murray’s character from “What About Bob”: the kind of houseguest that, no matter what you do, you’re not going to kick him out.

So, it’s little wonder that the president is going to throw himself back into the political process less than six months after leaving the Oval Office, this time to try and aid Democrat redistricting efforts across the country.

According to Politico, the president will be speaking at a fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee in Washington, D.C., a group chaired by former Attorney General Eric Holder. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will also be attending the event.

“The National Democratic Redistricting Committee is proud to have the support of President Obama as we work to undo gerrymandering and create fairer representation in our democracy,” Holder said in a statement.

Obama stated after his presidency was over that working on redistricting was one of his top priorities, along with writing a book and taking some vacation time. It’s pretty easy to see why redistricting is such a priority for the Democrats: in state after state, the left has seen legislatures fall into the hands of the GOP.

While the Democrats tend to blame Republican gerrymandering for the shift, let’s face facts: Obama’s disastrous record in maintaining his party’s levels of support both in the House of Representatives and in state houses also had something to do with it.

Even though Obama has maintained a constant presence in the spotlight since leaving office — appearing with Angela Merkel in Germany, writing screeds against repeal-and-replace on social media — The Washington Post still seems to insist that Obama’s appearance “highlights the balance he is trying to strike as his party seeks to regain its footing at both the state and national levels.”

“Obama does not want to cast ‘a long shadow,’ in the words of Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, but he remains a central figure for a party that has yet to settle on a single strategy to combat President Trump,” the article goes on to say.

Are you kidding me? Barack Obama’s shadow couldn’t be any longer if it had been taken at sunset. And he wants it that way. The fact that he’s showing up at a NDRC fundraiser — after being partially responsible for the losses that group seeks to address — just shows how long he wants that shadow to be.

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Source: conservativetribune.com