Obama Still Living Large off the Taxpayer’s Dollar

Obama Still Living Large off the Taxpayers Dollar

President Barack Obama has largely stayed out of the spotlight since he ended his two terms in office and turned the White House over to President Donald Trump — who has made it is mission to undo much of Obama’s legacy.

While Obama has spoken out against Trump’s moves on occasion, he has spent most of his time living it up by taking vacations to places that are reserved for the very rich and famous, Fox News reported.

Obama’s trips have been to locales that cater only to the very elite — places like the Four Seasons in Bali. Fox News noted that  rooms at that resort cost over $2,000 per night.

These excursions are being paid through a combination of Obama’s speaking fees, the personal wealth he accrued in no small part due to his political career, and most likely the pension he is receiving, courtesy of you the taxpayer. Meanwhile, of course, as a former president, he’s accompanied by an entourage of Secret Service agents, all of whom are traveling to these ritzy resorts on the taxpayers’ dime. (Remember that the next time libs complain about Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago.)

While Obama certainly is entitled to a vacation after being president for eight years, what he is doing goes beyond the norm and is starting to irritate the very liberal wing of the Democrat Party.

“I think the Bernie Sanders wing of the party, when they see President Obama, whom they instinctively want to defend being the corporatist president, I think it makes the base uneasy,” Democratic strategist Pat Caddell explained to Fox News.

Obama claimed throughout his presidency to be a man of the people, always working to help the poor and underprivileged. However, it looks like he couldn’t wait to start living it up at places that most of us could only ever dream of visiting.

It must be nice to post sappy Facebook posts about how the Republican health care repeal and replace effort will negatively affect the poorest Americans and then go drop a few grand to stay on some island in the Caribbean.

“I think every time Obama opens his mouth, the fair question is: Which billionaire’s paradise island did he do it from? When is he going to do anything to help people other than enrich himself?” Caddell stated.

Obama’s true colors have finally come out, and now liberals are getting a good look at the man they thought actually cared about them during his presidency.

The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

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Source: conservativetribune.com