Obama Silent During 4th of July… Not a Single Post Celebrating Freedom

Obama Silent During 4th of July Not a Single Post Celebrating Freedom

While a multitude of American citizens celebrated our nation’s 241st birthday with countless patriotic posts to social media in honor of Independence Day, it was the social media activity of a particular former president that has garnered some notice.

More accurately, it was the lack of social media posts in honor of Independence Day by former President Barack Obama that has drawn attention, according to Breitbart.

Indeed, a check of both Obama’s Facebook and Twitter feeds show no posts were made on July 4, nor at any other time during the several preceding days of the holiday weekend.

In contrast, President Donald Trump posted no less than three separate times to publicly display his patriotic love of the country on the 4th.

A blog known as The Truth Division also noted that, aside from Obama failing to mark Independence Day on his social media accounts, twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also overlooked the nation’s most patriotic holiday.

Truth be told, they may have simply been confused or were too busy celebrating former first daughter Malia Obama’s birthday, which just so happens to fall on July 4 and was transformed into a pseudo-holiday by anti-American Trump-hating leftists, according to the MRCTV.

In all likelihood, Obama was possibly just too busy to note Independence Day while he was attempting to undermine his successor on a trip to South Korea to meet with the new president.

As for Clinton, perhaps she tried to post something patriotic for the 4th, but was unable to secure a stable Wi-Fi signal while wandering the woods surrounding her lush Chappaqua property.

Or maybe, just maybe, now that they are out of the constant spotlight of public attention, they no longer feel the need to express their supposed love of an independent and proudly capitalist nation that they seemed particularly intent on transforming into a central government-dependent, European socialist-style country.

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Source: conservativetribune.com