Obama Left Whole Lot of Mess for Trump to Handle in the White House…Literally

Obama Left Whole Lot of Mess for Trump to Handle in the White House Literally

America has long speculated Obama might have left a few holdovers in the White House as well as in other relevant branches, such as the DOJ, HUD, and others. However, Trump and his administration might have finally identified some of Obama’s leaks, or should we say, they made their exposure much easier.

Now, aside from these everyday human threats in the White House, Obama left something else that had Trump ready for action.

Namely, maintenance workers have been asked to report on mice within the White House Navy and the White House Situation Room. Aside from this, there were also four reported cockroach situations as well as an ant epidemy.

The problem stemmed from back when Obama was in charge.

‘The work orders submitted in 2017 are similar in number to those made in 2016 during the final year of the Obama administration,’ as News4’s reports in their federal record review.

The document is a collection of requests made immediately after Inauguration Day, with some of them being made by top-level staffers working inside the White House. The records elaborate topics that would allow the governmental structure to be ameliorated in the days to come.

Other work requests, including orders for repairs, furniture, hanging pictures and paintings and other day-to-day tasks, such as replacing the toilet seat in the Oval Office.

All requests were reviewed by News4, with other orders still coming from the Public Buildings Service, including heating system repairs to furniture moves to pest control and repair of the door release button in the White House Situation Room. Similar requests have also been made, such as installing new draperies in the First Lady’s East Wing office, a request that distinctly demanded an “overall effect of the room being taller.”

 The same amount of work has been a repeat process over the years, as presidents left and entered the White House.
“It’s an enormous job. GSA is assigned to manage that job,” said former GSA Inspector General Brian Miller, who used to be in charge of monitoring the agency’s performance. “GSA hires contractors and subcontractors for the [maintenance] work. Then the agency must watch over the contractors.”

According to Miller and another ex-GSA staffer, all tasks ahead are a little tricky to do, because the White House’s historic value needs to stay intact. Due to this realization, each and every part of the White House, including the wallpapers and paints need to be treated with care.

Aside from this, the GSA provided staffers on site at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building merged with the White House, due to the number of orders asking for repairs or changes.

“They are old buildings,” Miller said. “Any of us who have old houses know old houses need a lot of work.”

The amount of these costs usually has the GSA spending roughly $100,000 per year.

Here you have the most specific and downright example of how Trump handles Obama’s everyday mess, even if it means starting with the tiniest of things.

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