Obama Hurls Wall Insult at Trump… Doesn’t Remember His Own Speech Behind 2″ of Glass

Obama Hurls Wall Insult at Trump Doesnt Remember His Own Speech Behind 2 of Glass

If it feels to you a bit like Barack Obama has hardly even left office, that’s probably because he thinks he hasn’t.

Even though Donald Trump technically took over on Jan. 20, the former president hasn’t faded into the background as tradition would hold. Think of Obama as Bill Murray’s obnoxious house guest in “What About Bob?” and America as a Lake Winnipesaukee vacation home: Like it or not, there’s nothing you can do to get him to leave.

The latest example of that was a Thursday appearance in Berlin, where the former president spent most of his time criticizing President Trump. He even said went as far as to say that “we can’t hide behind a wall.” However, Obama seems to have forgotten his own visit to the German capital back in 2013 — and a lot of people are noticing one hypocritical detail from just four years ago.

According to The U.K. Guardian, Obama was appearing at a forum with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. During part of his speech, he laid out his reasons for the West accepting almost any refugees and economic migrants who wished to make their way there.

“When we provide development aid to Africa or we are involved in conflict resolution in areas where war has been taking place, (or) we make investments to try to deal with climate change … these things we do not do just for charity, not just because it’s the right thing to do or out of kindness,” Obama said.

“If there are disruptions in those countries and conflicts and bad governance, war and poverty, in this new world that we live in, we can’t isolate ourselves, we can’t hide behind a wall,” he added.

Oh, really? Here’s Obama speaking in Berlin in 2013, from the U.K. Daily Mail:

Yes, that does, in fact, appear to be a wall — a two-inch thick wall of protective glass separating the former president from the German public.

Here’s the thing about walls: they work. Whether it’s a small one designed to prevent protesters and psychopaths from harming the president or a large one designed to secure our border, they do their job.

Why else would the Obamas have constructed a new one around their Washington, D.C., residence?

Obama wall construction

Furthermore, if Barack Obama really believes that unchecked immigration doesn’t pose risks, why didn’t he remove passport checks at America’s airports? After all, he doesn’t think that anyone arriving in the United States poses a danger, right?

There were plenty of hypocritical humdingers in Obama’s remarks to pick from, as well. Take his line that we should “push back against those trends that would violate human rights or suppress democracy or restrict individual freedoms” and that we ought to “fight against those who divide us.”

As for restricting individual freedoms, this is the president who used his eight years in the Oval Office to launch one of the most prolonged assaults on the Second Amendment that we’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, as for the “fight against those who divide us,” few politicians in recent memory have gone to the well of identity politics as often as Obama did.

You’d better get used to these hypocrisies, however. It looks like the president seems determined to foist them upon the public for a long time to come, whether we want them or not.

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