NYT Thinks Humanity Will Be Wiped Out By Apocalyptic Global Warming Flood

NYT Thinks Humanity Will Be Wiped Out By Apocalyptic Global Warming Flood

Many progressives are beholden to the notion of man-made global warming and are firmly convinced that human activity is rapidly heating the planet in such a manner as to cause irreparable harm and bring about catastrophic consequences.

This belief was fully evidenced in a breathlessly hyperbolic three-part series published by The New York Times focused the melting around the edges of the massive sheets of ice that make up Antarctica.

A team of journalists from The Times joined researchers in Antarctica to get a firsthand look at the frozen continent, and while they certainly brought back incredible photos, videos and illustrations, they also returned with an urgency regarding their fear that “Antarctica’s ice sheet may have entered the early stages of an unstoppable disintegration.”

Though the entire three-part article was filled with qualifying statements and the scientists themselves freely admitted that they really didn’t know everything about what is happening and were unable to make accurate projections into the future, they nevertheless raised the alarm that human-produced greenhouse gases were heating the waters of the globe such that Antarctica was rapidly melting.

Akin to something from a Hollywood disaster film, some scientists believe that Antarctica is melting so fast that sea levels around the globe will rise six to 10 feet by the end of the century, placing countless coastal cities and the current residences of hundreds of millions of people underwater.

In fact, some scientists surmise that if the entirety of Antarctica’s ice sheet were to melt, sea levels could rise by as much as 160 feet, though there was no timeline attached to that “potential apocalypse.”

The writers did give a nod to history in noting that the ice sheet has both melted and grown over time, and mentioned the prevalence of flood stories in ancient times, including the story of Noah’s Ark in the Bible and the Sumerian’s Epic of Gilgamesh, to suggest that a melting Antarctica has caused global flooding before — which sort of makes one wonder how “greenhouse gasses” have anything to do with such a phenomena.

The truth is that recent studies have shown that Antarctica’s ice sheets are actually growing in some areas, that warm ocean currents supposedly working their way underneath the ice sheets haven’t been provably linked to global warming and that volcanic activity in the mountains that make up Antarctica could be causing the melting that researchers are studying.

Is Antarctica melting in some spots? Yes, just like it has since the dawn of time. Is human activity contributing to that process? Perhaps, but the effect is both unproven and unquantifiable.

That won’t stop The New York Times from fear-mongering over (potential) climate change and the (probably) inevitable destruction of the planet though.

But hey, at least they brought back some cool pictures and maps.

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