North Korea’s Latest Aggression Forces One of U.S.’s Biggest Allies to Deliver Threatening Response

North Koreas Latest Aggression Forces One of US s Biggest Allies to Deliver Threatening Response

The everlasting brawl between the U.S. and North Korea has escalated tremendously during the past couple of months. Having in mind Kim Jong Un’s tenacious ways, the situation promises no good closure. North Korea has carried out missile tests despite persuasions to reconsider times and times again. However, this seems to not affect the republic’s agenda.

One of the most severe missile attacks North Korea has ever mastered was the one executed on Japan, leaving America no choice but to respond to the aggression.

The attacks took place Tuesday, as the Communist Republic swung at Japan with one of its most devastating missiles. Authorities in Tokyo urged citizens to take cover and be mindful of their activities in light of the strike.

According to the NY Times:

The missile flew over the northern island of Hokkaido and landed harmlessly in the sea, after a flight of nearly 1,700 miles. But the propaganda value for the North Koreans was considerable.

 Japan awoke by urgent TV warning, reporting on the missile’s impact. Train lines were shut down, citizens were urged to stay out of the loop and the country grew in general panic. The missile marks the third missile that ever hit Japan, the last one being back in 1998.

The United States has warned North Korea not to play nasty or dirty, a message they clearly disobeyed.

But, then, the NY Post reported on yet another intriguing development:

The South Koreans have successfully tested a new cruise missile that could wipe out key nuclear sites in the North — which leader Kim Jong Un regularly visits — in just 15 minutes, a report says.

The missile, manufactured by Germany’s Taurus Systems, was fired from an F-15 fighter jet during military drills Tuesday, according to Seoul’s Defense Ministry.

The missile focused on the country’s western coast, facing a few hurdles on its way there.

As stated, the missile can wipe off major North Korean military bases in under 15 minutes, putting Kim’s life in imminent danger. Officials told the Daily Express that the weapon is capable of striking North Korean nuclear sites in approximately 15 minutes — making it a serious threat to Kim’s life.

South Korea has consulted with America on military response tactics, after which the ballistic missiles came in play.

The missile we’re discussing here is beyond potent, due to its complex yet excruciatingly lethal structure that strictly focuses on the target with precision unlike anything out there.

North Korea doesn’t seem to know how to learn from its past mistakes, which can ultimately cost her a great deal, military-wise. China, who partially stood on both sides of the issue, is now introducing sanctions to prevent North Korea from going forward with the attacks.

Finally, we’re only looking forward to a peaceful closure, other than a massive bloodshed which could cost Kim Jong Un’s territory the most.

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