North Korea Will Be Sending Ferries to Russia

North Korea Will Be Sending Ferries to Russia

Over the past few weeks, North Korea has acted unusually belligerent, firing off several missiles, threatening to nuke the United States, and otherwise acting like spoiled toddlers who got their ice cream cone taken away,

North Korea’s closest ally, China, has indicated it is no longer pleased with North Korea, which has caused the rogue nation to look for other sources of income and friendship — like Russia, the U.K. Express reported.

North Korea will now be operating a ferry service between Rajinand, a North Korean port, and the Russian city of Vladivostok.

The idea behind this ferry is that it might boost the amount of money flowing into North Korea — which is something it desperately needs — and might increase ties between North Korea and Russia.

The ferry’s operation “as the Rajin-Vladivostok international tourist liner will make a positive contribution to developing marine transport and economic cooperation and tourism between the two countries,” read a statement issued by North Korea’s KCNA news agency.

CNN noted that the ferry service will run once a week. It is estimated that about 40 people were on board for the ship’s maiden voyage — though it is unclear how many of them were actually on board because they wanted to be.

According to Agence France-Presse, the ferry is operated by a company called InvestStroiTrest. It will carry predominantly Russian, Chinese and North Korean passengers, though it will also transport cargo to and from North Korea.

“It’s a trading economic zone, so they don’t require visas, only an invitation, which the tourist firms would provide,” Vladimir Baranov, director of InvestStroiTrest, told AFP when asked how Russians would enter North Korea.

Why any Russian would want to go to North Korea is beyond me. They would be traveling from one horrible regime to an even worse horrible regime, which doesn’t sound like much of a vacation.

While North Korea may think that this ferry will help the country escape the international community’s sanctions and punishments, they are wrong.

If push comes to shove, President Donald Trump isn’t likely to be afraid to take military action against North Korea, even if they are best buddies with the Russians.

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