NFL’s Monday Night Football Ratings Break Very Bad Record

NFLs Monday Night Football Ratings Break Very Bad Record

The NFL has had a pretty rough season thus far, but it hit a new low Monday night on ESPN when the Baltimore Ravens faced off against the Houston Texans.

Whether it be players kneeling disrespectfully for the national anthem, the league feuding with the president, or Commissioner Roger Goodell seemingly bungling every major decision he has faced — while asking for more money and perks in a contract extension — fans have increasingly been tuning out, both on TV and in live attendance.

According to Breitbart, the Monday night matchup between the Ravens and Texans drew the lowest rating of the season for Monday Night Football games, once considered a premier, must-watch event.

To be sure, while the aforementioned reasons for declining ratings were certainly in play, the mediocre-at-best level of the teams also likely contributed to the lowest ratings of the year.

Deadline Hollywood reported that the Ravens’ 23-16 victory over the Texans drew a 6.0 rating overall in metered markets. That was down 17 percent from last week’s match-up between the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks, admittedly better teams with larger followings than Baltimore or Houston.

This, even as it was reported that no players protested prior to the game, and ESPN didn’t even broadcast the entire national anthem — which may reveal that they have finally caught a clue as to the damage the anthem protests have done to their once-widely beloved brand.

Notably, the Ravens/Texans match-up drew two percent lower ratings than the season’s previous Monday night low point, the Week 6 matchup between the horrendous Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans.

However, the drop in ratings really shows through when this week’s game is compared with the same Monday Night game in 2016, a hard-fought game between the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles that drew 33 percent more viewers.

All told, ESPN’s Monday Night Football game this week still won the ratings battle, for whatever that is worth, but there is no denying that viewership is down.

For a better understanding of the ratings debacle this current season has become for the NFL, check out the Sports Media Watch site, which lists all of the games and their ratings break down per week.

Unfortunately, that site has yet to include the ratings for Week 12, but the information it does include from the rest of the season is quite telling.

The site shows the rating for every game, how it compares to last season, how many overall viewers it drew — including those watching via streaming options — and how many of those viewers were in the key 18-49 demographic.

While there are a handful of games here and there with ratings numbers in the “green” as compared to last season, those are definitely outnumbered by the games marked as “red” with lower ratings than the previous year.

If the NFL hopes to stem their hemorrhaging of viewers, they better think of something fast, as in the words of President Trump, right now they appear “Weak and out of control!”

On that, we most certainly agree.

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