NFL Wants to Shift Money from Military and Breast Cancer Programs to a Terrible Cause

NFL Wants to Shift Money from Military and Breast Cancer Programs to a Terrible Cause

It was reported that the NFL will donate $89 million to social justice programs to soften the national anthem protests happening in the league.

But it wasn’t reported from where that money will come.

San Francisco 49ers’ Eric Reid in an interview Thursday, stated that NFL plan is to allow the owners to move around money that is already pledged to other organizations and campaigns. Because of this to redistribute money from military service initiatives and breast cancer awareness to fund social justice causes is just one of the many reasons Reid left the Players Coalition. The group, which is led by retired wide receiver Anquan Boldin and the Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins, made a deal with NFL this week.

NFL officials are hoping that this $89 million deal will end the national anthem protests. Jenkins said that he will not raise his fist during the national anthem anymore, but Reid said that Jenkins is perhaps the only player who is supporting this deal, which will focus on “projects dealing with criminal justice reform, law enforcement/community relations and education.”

This is a very bad plan if the main goal is to stop the protests and bring fans back. No conservative fan will ever support taking away money from military service causes and giving it to leftist causes.

Reid opposed this plan so he left the Player’s Coalition when they chose to carry on with the plan.

“In the discussion that we had, Malcolm conveyed to us—based on discussions that he had with the NFL—that the money would come from funds that are already allocated to breast cancer awareness and Salute to Service,” Reid stated. “So it would really be no skin off the owners’ backs: They would just move the money from those programs to this one.”

“We didn’t agree with that, because we weren’t trying to cut other worthy programs,” he continued, talking about his and other players’ decision to pull out of the Players Coalition. “They moved forward anyways.” (Miami Dolphins safety Michael Thomas and Los Angeles Chargers offensive lineman Russell Okung joined Reid on Wednesday in announcing their decisions to leave the Players Coalition.*)

“[NFL Commissioner] Roger Goodell is trying to make this as easy for the owners to agree to as possible so that—again, their goal is to end the protests,” Reid stated. “He’s trying to make it as easy possible to do that for the owners. He’s going to present them with a proposal saying, Look you really don’t have to do anything. We’re just going to shift this money from this area and just move it here.”

The NFL hasn’t responded to requests to comment on Reid’s claims.

Furthermore, he also pointed out that the deal does not have a specific language requiring the players to stop protesting, so, even if the NFL make this donation, it doesn’t mean that the players will stop kneeling.

The NFL officials are just hoping the players would stop kneeling.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was furious when he found out that not all kneeling players agreed to the deal.

Reid claims that there was an expectation that players would end the protests. He says Jenkins told him “that he left the conversation [with a league official] with a strong feeling that once they made a monetary contribution, that they would expect us to stop protesting.”

According to Reid, there was a huge pressure to make the dean now, so that the owners can decide on Goodell’s contract extension on Dec. 13.

Reid is also worried if the $89 million will go to the proper causes.

The deal says, 25% will go to the United Negro College Fund, 25% to Dream Corps and 50% to the Players Coalition itself, which has filed 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) paperwork for nonprofit status as a fiscally sponsored project.

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