NFL Team Decides to Kneel for Anthem… Then Gets Brutal Dose of Justice from Feet Away

NFL Team Decides to Kneel for Anthem Then Gets Brutal Dose of Justice from Feet Away

After the Baltimore Ravens knelt during the national anthem on Sunday to send a message, tens of thousands of fans in the stadium decided to send a message right back.

According to ESPN, the entire Ravens team took a knee together while holding hands prior to “The Star-Spangled Banner” playing before their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The entire team then stood up for the national anthem, but the sound of tens of thousands of Americans booing the players from feet away took over the stadium.

A Twitter user uploaded a video Sunday to Twitter, where the booing from Americans who don’t support players disrespect our flag and anthem is deafening.

Since hundreds of NFL players knelt during the anthem Sept. 25 in response to President Donald Trump’s comments criticizing the protests, it has become unequivocally clear that many patriotic Americans aren’t going to support a league that appears to be endorsing the degradation of a national symbol.

A majority of Americans believe that players kneeling during national anthem is disrespectful to our nation’s flag and to all the brave men and women who died defending our freedoms.

A recent Yahoo Finance poll  found that 77 percent of respondents believe it’s wrong for athletes to take a knee during the national anthem. Twenty percent said they don’t believe it’s wrong to kneel during the anthem, and 2 percent said they weren’t sure.

Reuters/Ipsos poll released Sept. 26 said that 58 percent of voters believe that “professional athletes should be required to stand during the national anthem at sporting events.”

These NFL protesters have yet to realize that insulting the flag and anthem isn’t going to accomplish anything other than agitating many Americans.

A majority of the American people stand together, unified in the belief that NFL players shouldn’t disrespect our flag or our anthem.

NFL players think they are sending a message with their insulting actions, but the American people are sending one right back that can be heard loud and clear.

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  1. The people have made it very clear how they feel. If these ” IDIOT FOOTBALL/BASEBALL/ETC. PLAYERS ” keep this up, the next time they will BOYCOTT the game altogether. That is the only way to stop this crap just as soon as the owners start loosing money because nobody is going to the games and the seats are empty you will see how fast they put a stop to it. The owners are not going to pay these idiots millions of dollars to disrespect our COUNTRY AND OUR FLAG. I’m sure the owners can replace all these jerks with some “REAL MEN”. I hope to see that day real soon.