NFL Secretly Changed the National Anthem Ruling… And It is Jaw-Dropping

NFL Secretly Changed the National Anthem Ruling And It is Jaw-Dropping

The NFL faced a decline in ticket sales and overall profits, after protesting the national anthem for several weeks back.  Americans were clear to express their rage and revolt with the League and are now forming protest of their own, with fans pulling back on favorite teams. Several teams reinforced laws to keep the drama in order, but some kept on protesting, Some NFL teams have implemented new policies requiring their players to stand, while others have allowed their players to continue voicing their opinions during the anthem.

It seems that the NFL alternated some section from their operations manual regarding the national anthem. On the larger scale, this ought to recuperate the business and prevent this decent. Here is what ESPN’s Chris Mortensen learned about the new policies:

Mortensen explained all of this, saying he discussed the matter with The Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, and he stated the policy was nothing unheard of, but he had forgotten it and recalled it after President Trump called him.

Therefore, the games have become stricter, thus the disciplinary action coming from the league office got cut.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issued a memo commenting the matter:

“Like many of our fans, we believe that everyone should stand for the National Anthem. It is an important moment in our game. We want to honor our flag and our country, and our fans expect that of us. We also care deeply about our players and respect their opinions and concerns about critical social issues. The controversy over the Anthem is a barrier to having honest conversations and making real progress on the underlying issues. We need to move past this controversy, and we want to do that together with our players.”

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Protests have just become a little bit spicier. We have to see what happens.