The NFL Ratings Slump is Getting Worse, Roger Goodell Learns His Fate in Week 12

The NFL Ratings Slump is Getting Worse Roger Goodell Learns His Fate in Week 12

The national anthem issue nested within the NFL seems to be not only never-ending but encouraged by the League as well.

The NFL has not sanctioned or punished a single player who dared to protest the anthem, even though the League’s rulebook clearly states all players must be on the sidelines and ‘should’ stand and not kneel during the anthem.

Commissioner Roger Goodell looks like he isn’t at all affected by what’s happening in his League and how it will affect its demise.

First off, take a look at these half-empty arenas, a result of heavy anthem protests that have caused for so many fans to give up their favorite team.

Furthermore, the NFL has been struggling to boost their significantly diminished ratings and viewership, and the same is true for ticket sales.

Compared to last year alone, the NFL managed to lose up to 1 million viewers.

This marks a 6.3 percent downfall, a number that came to 5.6 to 5.7 percent only three weeks ago.

In fact, there were merely two games who deserved the public’s attention this well. The first one was between The Dallas Cowboys v. Philadelphia Eagles, which marked 12% more viewers than last year, and the second was between the New Orleans Saints v. Washington Redskins, which gained a 10% more viewership than in 2016.

However, the rest of the league was left out to dry. Mainly, for some games, the viewership came as just about the same as last year, while for others it dropped significantly over the past month or so.

As a result of the cataclysmic circumstances the NFL found itself in, TV networks lost about $500 million ever since the first anthem protest aired.

Networks who were dragged down with the NFL included CBS, ESPN, Fox, and NBC, Outkick reported. As a matter of fact, all these faced a 5.7% drop in audience, which is a true head-scratcher. Also, the situation doesn’t seem to be ameliorating anytime soon.

Fans across America have sworn off the NFL for good, torching their favorite sports equipment and screaming bloody injustice on social media.

The whole drama first began after former NFLer Colin Kaepernick knelt in front of the anthem in efforts to boycott police brutality and racism. However, many agreed that personal opinions need to stay away from the field.

Liberals and other players followed up on the protests, supporting Kaepernick, but also leaving him out to dry after his contract ended and no other team seemed willing enough to take him on for the new season.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hasn’t seen eye-to-eye with NFL’s Roger Goodell on the entire matter.

Even now, we still have players like running back Marshawn Lynch who kneel in front of the U.S. anthem but decide to stand during the Mexican anthem for instance.

Trump wasn’t ready to let this go, and called out the League yet again:

America was shaken by reports that Jones had warned to file a lawsuit against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Jones held his firm stance on the matter continuously, unwilling to derail from his basic principles – patriotism and loyalty.

Many have disputed whether Goodell should have his contract extended, whereas Jerry Jones has the nuclear option at his disposal. Every other NFL team owner possesses the same nuclear option as well.

This is nothing but good news for the Dallas Cowboys.

As per some reports, many team owners have taken other options into consideration, in accordance with Article VIII of the NFL’s Constitution & Bylaws.

More specifically, Section 8.13 gives the NFL Commissioner the opportunity to decide if an owner “has been or is guilty of conduct detrimental to the welfare of the League or professional football.”

Should the Commissioner decide to that a sanction $500,000 fine is “not adequate or sufficient,” the Commissioner could appeal to the NFL’s Executive Committee, which is authorized to engage in “[c]ancellation or forfeiture of the franchise in the League of any member club involved or implicated,” followed by a team sale.

We’ll have to sit this one out and see how it unravels.

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