NFL Issues Official Statement On Donald Trump

NFL Issues Official Statement On Donald Trump

The NFL has responded to criticism from President Trump, who told rally attendees the NFL needs to fire players who disrespect the National Anthem.

President Trump addressed a rally in Alabama on Friday.

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners,” Trump said. “When somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a b**** off the field right now – he’s fired!’”

President Trump called players who sit out the National Anthem disrespectful.

Trump is right. Anyone who “protests” while at work should expect to be fired for it. Sure, Americans have the freedom to protest according to their beliefs on their own time, but not when they’re doing their job.

That is especially true when it comes to sitting out the National Anthem, an undeniable act of disrespect. The protesters also see America as unworthy of standing for, and that’s why the vast majority of NFL fans think they’re completely out of line.

These players are exploiting the time they have on television to hate on America.

Amazingly, according to NFL spokesman, Brian McCarthey, it isn’t the protesting players who are being divisive, it’s the President.

“Divisive comments like these,” McCarthey asserts.  “Demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all of our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities.”

What McCarthy fails to understand is that President Trump didn’t attack the “overwhelming force for good” that football brings communities.

Why even try to fix problems, McCarthy asks, when football is still a fun game?

Football is entertaining, but that doesn’t excuse the lack of professionalism and respect players demonstrate on the field.

The NFL hosts a “great game” and great players, but that doesn’t mean that players get to to do whatever they want.

McCarthy’s argument just doesn’t work. More than ridiculous, though, it’s an insult.

McCarthy isn’t just attacking President Trump in his statement. He’s attacking anyone who believes that players shouldn’t get to host a protest while at work, much less one which either attacks the National Anthem or exploits it.

The people’s objection to disrespect for their country doesn’t matter, McCarthy insinuates, and moreover, those objections are divisive, disrespectful, and ignorant.

I like football, but America is more important. I don’t think NFL fans who put their country first like being called divisive, disrespectful, and ignorant.

Neither do the vast majority of Americans who don’t believe turning the word ‘respect’ into a parody, as McCarthy did, demonstrates the NFL’s effort to “help create a sense of unity in our country and our culture.”

Fox News reports:

Kneeling or sitting for the national anthem became a trend during the 2016 NFL season after then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to do so in protest of police brutality and racial inequality.

Although Kaepernick remains a free agent this season, several NFL players have continued the anthem protest.

On “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Pete Hegseth said Goodell will never take a strong stance against those players who disrespect the country.

He said that’s why he agrees with Trump that it will take NFL owners and fans coming out and condemning the protests.

“This is not over, because a few players take a knee, the silent majority of Americans are saying, ‘You get up,’ just like President Trump did from the podium in Alabama last night,” Hegseth said. “So more to come.”

Watch more below:

McCarthy needs to wake up and see that he’s lost the argument.

When the National Anthem starts and some players break into their little side show, it’s time to say “Get up off the ground, or beat it. You’re on the clock.”

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