The NFL Was Busy Boycotting the U.S. Flag- At the Same Time Trump Honored Gold Star Families

The NFL Was Busy Boycotting the US Flag At the Same Time Trump Honored Gold Star Families

The weekend ended marked forever by the repulsive and discriminating NFL players’ hate parade against the national anthem. What’s most disturbing about the entire matter is the fact that these entities take pride in their doings, selling fake values to the American people and encouraging them to do the same.

Naturally, the lefties praised the rebellion, clearly dismissing every principle on which America was built. Shortly after, President Trump found himself at a rally for Alabama Senate candidate Luther Strange, which is when he addressed the crowd, asking them if they would “love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a b**** off the field right now?’”

It is important to notice that while the liberals were contemplating ways to harm the country even more, Trump was out there honoring our fallen heroes and their suffering families.

As a result, Trump declared Sept. 24, 2017, a “Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day,” in honor of the families who lost a member who loved his or her country too much, unlike the spoiled brats over at the NFL.

“As we solemnly observe Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day, we honor and extend our deepest gratitude to the families of military service members who gave their last full measure of devotion to our country,” the White House noted.

“Gold Star families have paid the ultimate price for our Nation’s freedom with the life of their loved ones. Our grateful Nation grieves with them in their loss but also shares their pride in the selfless service of their sons and daughters.

“Our country is built on the sacrifices of men and women who have willingly raised their hand to defend our Nation and its security,” the announcement explained.

“As members of our Armed Forces take an oath to protect our freedoms and liberty, they understand the gravity of their commitment to defend our way of life. And when that commitment results in the ultimate sacrifice, we come together as a Nation to walk beside the devoted families left behind and help them shoulder the vast absence they forever bear. Their loved ones did not die in vain. They gave of themselves to protect and defend the freedoms we all enjoy. Despite their grief, these families bravely move forward with dignity and grace.”

Kudos to the White House for never shying away from what they stand for.

Then, it is worth mentioning that the liberals are expected to pursue this trend until Trump is overpowered, a tactic that hasn’t been working for them very well.

So, what in your mind is the right route to take? Pointless nagging and whining that brings America to ruins, or taking steps forward and praising those who have given their lives to keep the country safe?

Although the correct answer is not hard to spot, the liberals are not backing down. To us, patriots and true Americans, this rings a huge bell regarding who the real enemy of the state is.

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