New Map Destroys Fake Science, Proves Global Warming Isn’t Killing Rhinos

New Map Destroys Fake Science Proves Global Warming Isnt Killing Rhinos

Despite the liberal notion that global warming is to blame for the near extinction of rhinos, a new study proves that poachers are the ones to blame for the global crisis.

Climate Change News tried to blame “disruption to the annual monsoon rain” and “dry seasons” as the reason for the near extinction of the rhino in Africa.

But that is simply not true. According to U.K.’s Express, more than 1,000 animals are being killed each year in Africa due to poaching. Poachers travel to the country to kill rhinos for their famous horns.

The Environmental Investigation Agency released its findings on horn trafficking and found that vast criminal networks are to blame for the rhinos becoming a critically endangered species, not climate change, as radical environmentalist leftists would have you believe.

According to the agency’s findings, the rhino is most at risk in Africa and Asia.

“151 greater one-horned rhinos were poached in India in 2010-15 and, with fewer than 100 Sumatran and about 60 Javan rhinos surviving in Indonesia, these species are teetering on the brink of extinction,” the agency explained.

They went on to show how Chinese and Vietnamese officials are the ones to blame for not cracking down on the criminals who travel to African and Asian countries simply to kill animals for their prized horns.

“These insights into the illegal rhino horn trade present a picture of large-scale illegal activity, undertaken by organised criminal networks which are able to adapt to a changing enforcement landscape to exploit weaknesses and so continue to supply burgeoning consumer demand,” the study explained.

World Wildlife also explained that the situation is not being taken seriously enough by officials. “Their status was changed from Endangered to Vulnerable, but the species is still poached for its horn,” they said of the rhino, explaining how poachers have grave disregard for the protection of animals who live in the wild.

If these findings are as accurate as they appear, the research completely trumps other theories which claim global warming is to blame for almost everything bad that happens in the world, including the extinction of rhinos.

Rhinos have lived in all sorts of conditions for years and years. After all, Africa isn’t known for its cooler temperatures. It just doesn’t make sense that hot temperatures are to blame for the rhinos extinction.

This is just further evidence that climate change alarmists don’t truly care about the environment, but rather about pushing their particular agenda.

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