“YOU AND YOUR NETWORK ARE A JOKE”: Congressman Goes on CNN and Destroys Smug Host

YOU AND YOUR NETWORK ARE A JOKE Congressman Goes on CNN and Destroys Smug Host

And the award for best media appearance of the week goes to… Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who utterly destroyed a smug liberal CNN anchor.

Rather than let Rohrabacher, the guest on her show, speak for himself, Ana Cabera immediately began attempting to belittle him and push her liberal arguments onto him. But Rohrabacher wasn’t having any of it.

At the beginning of the interview, Cabrera asked Rohrabacher if he felt Sessions needed to resign, referencing a recent op-ed by two GOP lawmakers who want Sessions to go, citing the Justice Department’s handling of the Steele dossier and intelligence leaks to the media. Cabera wouldn’t get Rohrabacher get a word in, which made him angry.

After reminding Cabera that he had been invited on the show to discuss cannabis, Rohrabacher called out Cabrera for constantly interrupting him. And he did this by steamrolling her with incessant interruptions, dominating the interview.

“Maybe somebody who is your guest should be able to say a few words,” the GOP lawmaker exclaimed. “Your last interviews had nobody on the other side of the issue coming in to have the discussion with CNN.”

He followed this up by rambling on about the Mueller investigation and how the special prosecutor hasn’t found Russian collusion. When Cabrera tried to engage him again, the California Republican went off on her and CNN.

“Please, you might let me make my point before you interrupt me and try to refute me,” Rohrabacher told Cabrera after she tried to insert some context. “This isn’t a news operation! This what is the president is upset about. He’s not getting a fair share from you and from the other media and things like this that will try to build into something sinister has happened.”

A moment later, Cabrera asked Rohrabacher if she could ask him another question, only for him to say “you can interrupt me again — go ahead.” This was followed by a remarkable exchange where the California congressman accused Cabrera of interrupting him while commanding the segment.

Cabrera: Do you think it’s okay to lie to the FBI?

Rohrabacher: Look, is that — the answer is no, it’s not good to lie to anybody. It’s also not good to interrupt people when they’re trying to make a point when you’re a news person.

Cabrera: I apologize if you feel like I’ve interrupted you for that. I mean you no disrespect, sir.

Rohrabacher: No disrespect? I got no respect. No disrespect? You don’t respect Trump, you don’t respect people who disagree with you politically and that’s why the news media which has an agenda drives special prosecutors. You don’t want a special prosecutor unless he’s looking at a special issue. That’s when you do it. We’ve already seen Manafort, here he is, I mean, having to face the onslaught of things he had — that had nothing to do with Trump’s collusion with Russia.

The interview then moved on to a discussion of marijuana and the DOJ’s recent policy announcement.

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