Neighbors Hear Baby’s Cries for Days. Cops Go Into Empty House, Find Her Dumped on Floor


Children do not ask to be born and should not have to ask to be taken care of, especially by their parents. In a world of black, white, and incalculable tones of grey, the only true, “innocent” people on planet Earth are children.

In this world, there are no crimes more abhorred by parents and the childless alike than crimes and acts of cruelty against children. Children understand pain, but do not have the emotional maturity to process abuse and victimization like an adult.

When children grow up, and mature enough to emotionally process the abuse that they may have experienced as a child, it can be like they were victimized all over again. One of the most emotionally cruel crimes that can be committed against a child is abandonment, which a baby girl named Liza Verbitskaya would learn all about at the age of one in a Russian town called Yaroslavl.

Over a decade ago in Yaroslavl, residents began hearing the unceasing, wailing cries of a baby from one of the houses in the town. The crying eerily continued for days as neighbors noticed that no one exited or entered the house where a child could be heard crying.

When the police entered the home to investigate, tragically, they found an abandoned, one-year-old baby of darker complexion who had been crying and left alone to crawl on the floor of an empty house for days. Later identified as Liza Verbitskaya, the baby had been cruelly abandoned by its parents days earlier, parents whom the police could not locate.

Liza was taken to a local hospital to be evaluated and then eventually released into an orphanage. Liza’s hopes for adoption would be slim, since she was a child with dark skin in socially regressive Russia, until her path crossed with a woman named Inna Nikka.

Inna Nikka was in the same hospital as Liza, but Nikka was there dutifully visiting her sick, recuperating son. Nikka discovered Liza after the child had a crying fit in her room and resolved to visit Liza as much as possible while her own son healed.

Nikka developed a strong, maternal attachment to Liza and began visiting the little girl daily, bringing her clothing and food. One day, Nikka arrived at the hospital and was shocked to learn that Liza had been relocated to an orphanage.

Unwilling to forget about Liza, Nikka began the long, arduous process of adopting the little girl. After almost a year, Nikka adopted Liza and welcomed the two-year-old into her family and accepted her as if she were blood-related.

Liza’s initial introduction and assimilation into Nikka’s life and family was not smooth at all. The little girl was completely traumatized by her initial abandonment, and as a result was terrified of abrupt, loud noises, experienced motivational difficulties learning to walk and couldn’t eat properly.

Nikka did everything she could to bolster Liza’s self-esteem, like signing her up for dance school lessons and introducing her to the arts. By the age of 12, Liza had won several talent contests, won beauty contests and had actually signed a modeling contract, becoming a minor Russian celebrity.

As Liza, with the aid of Nikka’s nurturing and love, improved her life, Liza’s birth mother, the one who had abandoned her over a decade ago in that lonely house in Yaroslavl, resurfaced and wanted to reconnect with her now famous daughter.

Nikka collected the information of Liza’s birth mother and left the decision for a reunion up to Liza. Liza has not yet taken up her birth mother’s request, a fitting response to such a ghastly and cruel act of child abandonment.

Nikka never gave up on her daughter and as a result Liza has come a long way from the tragic child figure that she was, crying, alone, and crawling around a house in Yaroslavl, ignored by the neighbors. Although Nikka and her daughter Liza are not related by blood, they are now related by love and mutual emotional endearment.

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