NBC Host Makes Snide Comment to O’Reilly… Bill Goes Nuclear on Live TV

NBC Host Makes Snide Comment to OReilly Bill Goes Nuclear on Live TV

Bill O’Reilly is seen as an easy target by the left. The former Fox News host has a reputation for a stubborn and fiery personality, but that demeanor might have just helped him put an NBC journalist in his place when things got heated during an interview.

On Tuesday, O’Reilly sat down with NBC host Matt Lauer when the left-leaning host of “The Today Show” brought up the elephant in the room: A sexual harassment scandal.

Lauer pressed O’Reilly about the shakeup that occurred earlier this year at Fox. After it was revealed that the famous host had been involved in several sexual harassment lawsuits over the years, the right-leaning network ended its association with O’Reilly.

Bill O’Reilly denied any wrongdoing when pressed by Lauer, but the NBC reporter kept pushing until he got a reaction.

“This was a hit job. A political and financial hit job,” O’Reilly explained about the scandal.

He referred to a recent Newsmax article which uncovered the arrest record of one of the women who had accused the Fox host of sexual harassment.

That record revealed that the woman had made false statements to police in the past, and put her credibility into question.

Lauer didn’t seem to take this information seriously, and taunted O’Reilly about believing he was fired unfairly.

“Is this a vast, left-wing conspiracy?” Lauer asked.

O’Reilly’s frustration with the glib comment was clear. “No vast, and don’t be sarcastic,” O’Reilly exclaimed. “Don’t be sarcastic.”

He then pointed out a major problem facing people who are accused: The media and the public instantly condemn individuals over allegations, but are rarely interested in digging into the evidence.

“Every allegation in this area is a conviction,” Bill O’Reilly said. “They don’t look for the truth.”

Like him or hate him, O’Reilly’s frustration over sarcastic comments and the way his scandal unfolded might be justified. Now that more information about his accusers puts their trustworthiness in serious doubt, it looks like Fox may have jumped the gun on letting him go.

Everybody deserves a fair trial. In the court of public opinion, however, “easy targets” like O’Reilly are often presumed guilty… and that trend is a problem for everyone who values justice.

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