Navy SEAL Tells Kaepernick — Here’s What’ll Happen if You Kneel in Afghanistan

Navy SEAL Tells Kaepernick Heres Whatll Happen if You Kneel in Afghanistan

In a blistering tirade Sunday on Fox News, the Navy SEAL who killed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden made it clear how he feels about the NFL’s ongoing national anthem protests and, specifically, unemployed former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“As a veteran, it’s insulting,” Navy SEAL Robert J. “Rob” O’Neill said on “Fox & Friends Weekend.” “There are different ways to protest. … When I see the flag, I think of Iwo Jima, I think of Normandy, I think of the guys who went into the bin Laden compound, I think of 9/11.”

“It’s the wrong way to do it,” he added. “Every widow I’ve talked to, every veteran I’ve talked to, regardless of what you say, you can’t take a knee for the national anthem and say, ‘But I support the troops.’ No, you don’t. Doesn’t matter what color you are when you’re in Afghanistan and get killed. You come back in red, white and blue.”

All true. But O’Neill saved his toughest criticism for Kaepernick, who started the controversy last year by refusing to stand during the national anthem to protest alleged racial injustices in the criminal justice system.

“Colin Kaepernick… where’s he playing today?” O’Neill asked rhetorically. “Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t have a job. He gave a protest about anti-discrimination wearing a Fidel Casto shirt. I mean, are you out of your mind?”

Naw. He’s just an idiot.

Listen to the Navy SEAL’s full statement below:

When asked by co-host Griff Jenkins whether Kaepernick’s attitude would change if he were taken to Afghanistan for a visit, O’Neill delivered the final nail in his coffin.

“If we took Colin Kaepernick to Afghanistan he wouldn’t leave Green Bean Coffee,” he said, referencing the coffee brand served on military bases. “He would stay on the base very, very safe, guarded by guys wearing the American flag that he hates.”

Correct. And suppose for just a second that Kaerpernick were to venture out onto the streets of Afghanistan and perform his kneeling stunt in protest of, say, the Islamic world’s genuinely unjust habits of killing gays and stoning women. What do you think might happen?

Hint: He’d probably never kneel again in his life. He’s likely never breathe either for that matter, if you catch my drift.

See, unlike in America, in the Islamic world there is no such thing as “justice,” as Americans understand the word. Ditto for freedom of speech. Kaepernick and the rest of his dumb pals in the NFL might want to keep this in mind before their next scheduled protest against the national anthem and everything for which it stands.

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