National Conceal Carry Bill Now Has “Unprecedented Support”

National Conceal Carry Bill Now Has Unprecedented Support

On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump vowed to be a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and ensure that Americans’ right to bear arms was protected like never before.

Having Trump in the White House has spurred some Second Amendment activists to increase pressure on members of Congress to support legislation to expand the ability of Americans to carry firearms, and those efforts appear to be paying off, Gun Owners of America reported.

The “concealed carry reciprocity bill (H.R. 38),” a bill which would allow people with a valid conceal carry permit to carry their firearms across the country, reportedly has the support of 200 members of Congress.

The GOA stated that they believe the bill has the support necessary to pass in the House, and they are closing in on a majority in the Senate with enough support that anti-gun Democrats would be unable to filibuster it to death.

“With 199 co-sponsors, plus chief sponsor Richard Hudson, support for the bill has reached an almost unprecedented level of support,” GOA Executive Director Erich Pratt wrote in an email to supporters.

“GOA is urging members who have co-sponsored to urge their colleagues to support the bill as well,” he added.

With Republicans only having a slim 52-seat majority in the Senate, it is unclear exactly how the GOA believes that it is getting close to a filibuster-proof 60 votes.