NASA Issues Shock Statement on What They Just Saw from Orbit… Blackout from MSM

NASA Issues Shock Statement on What They Just Saw from Orbit Blackout from MSM

For many years now, climate change alarmists have been ominously warning of rising sea levels that would alter humanity and all of society.

In fact, chief fear-mongerer Al Gore once predicted that giant metropolises like Miami and New York City would soon be completely underwater as the oceans rose.

And who can forget former President Barack Obama touting that he and he alone would stop the seas from rising upon his election in 2008, only to continue fretting about such issues during his tenure in office, using it along with other scare tactics to coerce public support for his signing of the economy-killing Paris Agreement on climate change.

But perhaps Obama was more successful in fulfilling that promise than even he or his sycophants in the media thought, as recent data put forward by NASA seem to suggest that all the worry about rising sea levels may have been for nothing, according to The New American.

On a page recently published on NASA’s site that was likely intended to continue drumming up fear of rising sea levels, there was graph showing the rise of the ocean level dating back to 1993, as observed by satellites orbiting the earth and taking measurements.

While the graph certainly does appear to show that sea levels have risen over the past couple decades at a claimed average rate of 3.4 millimeters per year, zooming in on the last two years of the chart showed …