Muslim Cop who Shot Unarmed Woman ‘Thrown under the Bus’ by His Chief Police Officer

Muslim Cop who Shot Unarmed Woman Thrown under the Bus by His Chief Police Officer

It appears that the support for the Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor’s is decreasing.

Noor is an officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman as she was heading towards his patrol vehicle, and it appears that he has lost the support he had from both the police chief and the Mayor.

The Mayor has even written a statement in which she critiques Noor as well as the disabled body cams.

She said that the fatal shooting of Justine Damond should not have happened.

She admitted that not having a camera footage could be due to policy violation, a gap in training or a gap in the policy of body cams.

She then said that it was unacceptable that the cameras were not available in the case.

The Mayor had praised Noor in the past as he was hired as the first Somali refugee on the force as their effort to include more minorities in their lines.

The police chief, Janee Harteau made a very unusual move and distanced herself from Noor at a press conference briefing.

She explained that his actions were against the policies of the department they serve and their training.

She added that this particular case is solely a judgment of one individual.

Even the police union did not make a comment on the case.

Noor also did not want to cooperate with the investigators.

His lawyer said that he thought he was being ambushed.

Noor did not give a public comment or any statement on the shooting, however, his friends have said that his version is that he was ‘startled’ by Justine Damond as she approached the patrol vehicle he was in and that was why he shot. Noor shot across his partner, out the driver’s side window, hitting Damond in the stomach and killing her.

Damond, who is an Australian, was engaged to be married and her family is considering suing the city.

But, when even the Police Chief and the Mayor are throwing you under the bus, you may be in some legal difficulty…

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