MSNBC Used Rapper to Fact Check Wolff’s Anti-Trump Book

MSNBC Used Rapper to Fact Check Wolffs Anti-Trump Book

As most of the Western world knows by now, author Michael Wolff recently released a book titled “Fire and Fury” that purported to be an inside account of the reality of President Donald Trump’s White House.

In truth, the book appears to be little more than the most cherished fantasies and fears of liberals about Trump gathered together in a fantastical collection of outrageous and unverifiable claims — which some liberals now hold up as nothing short of gospel truth.

Case in point is MSNBC host Ari Melber, who recently cited remarks made by a rapper as all the proof he needed to “fact-check” a claim in the book that Trump didn’t really want to win the presidency, according to Newsbusters.

Melber was referring to actor/producer/rapper 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson III, who has theorized on multiple occasions that Trump won the election “by accident,” as can be seen in the following clips on this posting.

“Wolff’s reporting does match what a lot a of people who knew Trump over the years said about this from the start,” intoned Melber. “That it was not about making America great, it was about making Trump great. In fact, a musician and businessman, 50 Cent, has been saying that exact theory for months.”

The first clip of “Fitty” expressing his belief that Trump won accidentally came during an appearance in September of 2017 on New York’s Hot 97 radio station, according to The Hill.

“His presidency is an accident,” stated Jackson. “If you were a president by accident, you might do some of the things Donald Trump is doing.”

Jackson also claimed during that interview that he had been approached by the Trump campaign and been offered a half million dollars to assist with its outreach to the black community, which he said he turned down.

“Before he got elected, they were having issues with the African-American vote,” said Jackson. “They wanted to pay me $500,000 as part of the campaign just to make an appearance. I was like, ‘Nah, that’s not good money.’”

The second clip from the wise political prognosticator known as 50 Cent was from his recent appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” in which Jackson again stated that Trump’s victory was an accident, according to The Hill.

Jackson stated that Trump “didn’t want the job” he had campaigned for, and said of his election-night win, “To be honest, I think it was like an accident.”

“When something happens by accident, you’re not prepared for it,” he continued. “I think he was trying to get a great renegotiation for ‘The Apprentice.’”

“He wanted to lose the presidency. He didn’t want the job,” Jackson added. “Then when you win, you go, ‘What the f***? So now I gotta be the president?’”

So there you have it folks, straight from the lips of noted election expert and political pundit 50 Cent — passed along by the totally objective and unbiased MSNBC host: Trump campaigned hard for a year and a half, set aside and placed at risk his successful career and opened his family up to insane amounts of abuse, all for a job he didn’t even want.

OK, sure, that totally makes perfect sense. Gotcha.

It’s a “fact-check” only a liberal could love.

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