MSNBC Hosts Bring Up “Russia” 56 Times in 1-Hour-Long Show

MSNBC Hosts Bring Up Russia 56 Times in 1-Hour-Long Show

Despite the fact that not a shred of evidence has emerged to prove Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election were successful, the assorted mental patients who comprise MSNBC’s on-air “talent” still remain obsessed with the subject, to the point that on Sunday they brought up Russia a whopping 56 times in just one hour.

This blitz of “Russia, Russia, Russia” occurred on host Joy Reid’s eponymously named “AM Joy,” a political weekend-morning talk show during which Reid and her nauseatingly leftist guests essentially compete to see how disturbingly low they can descend.

Just last week, for instance, Reid implied that House Minority Whip Steve Scalise deserved to be shot by deranged leftist activist James T. Hodgkinson, who earlier that week opened fire on Republican congressmen at a baseball event in Virginia, critically injuring the House representative.

Now fast forward to this weekend, when this happened:

Note that they also focused on allegations of collusion by President Donald Trump’s election campaign and the Russians — another myth that has yet to be substantiated, as was cleverly noted by media reporter Eddie Scarry of the Washington Examiner in a piece published Saturday.

“When weeks and weeks worth of multiple investigations go by — the FBI and both houses of Congress are all investigating the same thing — with nothing to show for them, reporters might look into a mirror and wonder, ‘What have I been doing with my life?’”

If Joy Reid and her pals could stomach looking at themselves in the mirror, that would indeed be the best question for them to ask. But not just them — everyone in the liberal media, in fact.


Because sounding like this isn’t such a great idea:

According to Mediaite this stunning glitch occurred in January, though its symbolism is still relevant to this day.

In choosing to incessantly obsess over unproven myths of Russian interference and collusion, the media have been acting as if they’re nothing more than robots programmed by someone (George Soros perhaps?) to carry out a single function: “Destroy Trump.”

But considering their failure to carry out this simple order, perhaps it’s time for them to return to the scrapyard and be retooled for something else.

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