MSNBC Host’s Attack on Trump Backfires

MSNBC Hosts Attack on Trump Backfires

For the past seven months, liberals have been screaming nonstop about how President Donald Trump allegedly colluded with the Russian government to steal the presidential election from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016.

As time goes on and there continues to be no evidence to support these ridiculous accusations, liberals are becoming so desperate that they are just dumping out wrong information in the hopes of making something stick.

MSNBC host Joy Reid went on Twitter on Friday to attack Trump over Russia. This time, Reid decided to attack Trump’s multiple marriages in a very bizarre tweet that would make conspiracy theorists everywhere proud, The Daily Caller reported.

“Donald Trump married one American (his second wife) and two women from what used to be Soviet Yugoslavia: Ivana-Slovakia, Melania-Slovenia,” she wrote.

Before we delve into the inaccuracies of this tweet, let’s just take a moment to focus on how utterly bigoted and sexist it is. Reid is essentially implying that everyone from a former Soviet country should be subject to suspicion simply because of where they were born.

And they said McCarthyism was dead.

When it comes to basic facts, Reid managed to screw those up as well. Czechoslovakia was never part of Yugoslavia — although it was a member of the Warsaw pact. Further, Yugoslavia wasn’t a part of the Soviet Union, merely an ally (on occasion).

Also, Ivana was born in former Czechoslovakia (now called the Czech Republic), not “Slovakia” as Reid claimed in her tweet.

Reid did acknowledge the error of Ivana’s birth place, but she continued to bizarrely claim that Slovakia was a part of Yugoslavia — even though a quick Google search could show how wrong she really was.

Can you imagine what would happen if a Republican said this about a Democrat’s wife? Half the country would be rioting, and all the liberal media outlets would be calling for that Republican’s resignation.

Instead, because Reid was the one behind this prejudiced (and inaccurate) tweet, she gets a free ride from Democrats and the media.

That is just nauseating.

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