Moore’s Key Demographic Is Biggest Slap of 2017 to Mainstream Media

Moores Key Demographic Is Biggest Slap of 2017 to Mainstream Media

Democrats are working overtime to discredit Senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama, and one of their most coveted groups of voters is white, blue-collar working women.

But their efforts may be wasted as these women not  seem to be concerned about the decades-old, unproven allegations against Moore.

According to public and private polling in the race, Moore’s chances of winning depend on white women without a college education, CNN reported.

The first sentence of the story was blunt:

“If Republican Roy Moore wins next week’s Senate special election in Alabama, it will be largely because of his support among women.”

The network blamed the “Donald Trump era” for the growing divide between the political preferences of white-and blue-collar women voters.

CNN also noted that Democrats would be hard-pressed to win over many working-class and non-urban districts “unless they can convert more working-class white women.” Flipping these voters is proving to be more difficult than Democrats apparently anticipated.

If Moore manages to win the election with the help of this minority, Democrats could face steeper challenges in blue-collar and non-urban areas.

Democrat efforts to bring Moore down have not succeeded because, as one unnamed Democrat told CNN, many blue-collar working women encounter “harassment” in everyday life, and deal with it.

“It’s not a matter that some of these non-college-educated white women don’t think Moore did this, but there is a big part of them that don’t think it’s a big deal compared to what they deal with,” the source said.

Issues like abortion and tax cuts may bear more weight than alleged sexual harassment when these women turn up at the polls.

A Washington Post-Schar School poll showed 57 percent of white women support Moore, The Washington Post reported.

They are apparently not buying the stories the media outlets are peddling.

Another important factor to consider in this race regarding specific allegations against Moore is the reputation of the mainstream media.

The media know that they must turn these women against Moore, which is why they have relentlessly gone after him with unproven allegations.

This could work against Democrats, as voters are tired of being told what to do and for whom to vote — especially in a conservative bastion like Alabama.

The media’s arrogance is exactly why many voters continue to support Moore. Incidentally, that same media arrogance is why many voters supported Trump.

Along with the media, Democrats have never really reached out to working women specifically. They assumed they had these votes in the bag, but last year’s presidential election changed all of that.

Along with the rest of voters in this country, women can make up their own minds — and we will soon know what they decided was more important to them.

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