Months After Canceling Highly Rated ‘Last Man Standing,’ ABC Makes Move That’s Even WORSE

Months After Canceling Highly Rated Last Man Standing ABC Makes Move Thats Even WORSE

Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing was canceled despite being on top of the ratings. It made little to no sense whatsoever.

Outside of Duck Dynasty, Allen’s show served as one of the only on TV that catered to a right-leaning audience.

That’s probably why it was canned. ABC doesn’t want to be known as a network with shows that conservatives might enjoy.

To drive that point home, get ready for the new series, Sanctuary Family.

Any guesses as to what that’s about?

The new show tentatively titled, “Sanctuary Family” will follow the story of a married couple who takes in an illegal alien nanny and her family.

According to a description of the sitcom from ABC, the family puts a strain on the couple’s marriage but, eventually, they see that “the differences both families have aren’t as significant as their similarities.”

“Sanctuary Family” is one of several of its kind coming this fall that will focus on illegal immigrants.

The CW is bringing a one hour dramedy, titled “Illegal,” which centers on the trials and tribulations of a DACA eligible teen who was brought to America illegally by his parents.

You just new something like this was going to happen sooner or later. Liberals enjoy championing law breakers, then try to make conservatives feel bad for not showing empathy.

I can’t imagine Sanctuary Family or Illegal doing well in the ratings.

The reason Donald Trump is president is because he promised to shut down illegal immigration, which resonated with over 60 million people. Workaday Americans are not going to want to watch a show about these criminals every week.

Yet again, Hollywood still hasn’t learned.

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