Over the past few weeks, the Clintons have found themselves in hot water as the numerous sexual misconduct allegations against Bill are being reexamined in a new light. Now, their worst nightmare has come true as former White House intern Monica Lewinsky has come out of hiding to drop a bomb on them.

Fox News reported that Lewinsky took to Twitter this week to slam CNN’s HLN after it announced it was revisiting “The Monica Lewinsky Scandal” with a two-hour special. The former intern crossed out ‘The Monica Lewinsky Scandal’ and suggested a better, more historically appropriate title, especially in light of recent events.

“HLN to revisit ‘The Starr Investigation. The Clinton Impeachment’ with two hour special,” she wrote, adding in a note to HLN, “Fixed it for you. You’re welcome.”

The post immediately went viral, getting nearly 5,000 likes within hours, and garnering supportive comments such as from @Cassandra0Paige, “Hey @CNN how about you stop victimizing Monica? Fix your headline. It’s post-Weinstein 2017 for f**k’s sake! Have we learned NOTHING this year?”

“Once again they use a woman to punish another woman and completely fail to hold the man responsible,” added @shelbeeray.

“Yeah they keep forgetting it was about perjury and had basically nothing to do with you at all,” said @ThreeRingSam.

“Yep. When it’s a woman, it’s a ‘scandal’ when it’s a man, it’s an ‘investigation,’” Sharon Robles‏ @MyClientsLoveMe commented.

The reactions to Lewinsky’s tweet shows that public opinion has completely swung in her favor, and the Clintons are now seen as the enemy in the world of sexual misconduct. This will come as especially bad news to Hillary, as she claims to be a warrior for victims of sexual assault. Accusers of Bill have disputed this, however, as they say she worked for decades to intimidate them into staying silent.

This comes after Daily Mail reported that Bill is now facing disturbing new sexual assault allegations from four new women. This was confirmed by highly placed Democratic Party sources and an official who served in both the Clinton and Obama administrations.

The sources say that the new charges stem from the period after he left the White House in 2001. Lawyers representing the accusers, who are coordinating their efforts, are preparing to file four separate lawsuits against him. The attorneys are asking for substantial payouts in return for their clients’ silence.

Sources say that negotiations for the new lawsuits are at a critical stage, and if they fail, the four women are said to be ready to air their accusations of sexual assault at a press conference. The new allegations are about incidents that took place more than 10 years ago, in the early 2000s, when Bill was hired by Ron Burkle, the playboy billionaire investor, to work at his Yucaipa companies.

While helping Burkle generate business, Bill flew around the world with a flock of beautiful young women on Burkle’s private jet, which was nicknamed “Air F**k One.” The four women, whose names have not been released, were employed in low-level positions at the Burkle organization when they were in their late teens and claim they were sexually assaulted by the former president.

“Obviously, I’m aware of [the allegations] but can’t talk about them,” a member of Bill’s legal team said.

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